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System of our human affairs reforms pen of medium two defeat utterly
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The human affairs system of our country is reformed, it is opinions differ from each other actually; However I think to have pen of two defeat utterly, should have consensus; That is ' young change be equal to low age change ' , ' honest person is equal to the person that hears leader word ' . Because of pen of this two defeat utterly, make us very much organization and unit are disastrous. Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad last year secretary-general says publicly ' young change do not be equal to low age change ' , actual be pair of this a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting is corrective. Ministry of the group in recently publishs signed article publicly to say ' can let honest person be in an unfavorable situation anything but ' , actual also be right this a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting undertakes publicity corrective.

We remember of course ' young change be equal to low age change ' the setting of generation, that is the personnel of old project technology of put sb in a very important position holds the position of leaders of all levels and be about to retire because of us when; Then choose successor became urgent matter. Result our one paper file, requirement ' young change ' ; What is ' young change ' , do not have a person to know; The old revolution that knows us only is saying, ' my twenties is army commander ' , as a result we promoted the person of twenties to leadership post to become everybody's consensus.

This policy popular, because Chinese itself is,be ' lie between era to kiss ' ; So the grandfather gives grandchildren gladly authority, because of such grandfathers ' help mount a horse up to still can serve one Cheng again ' ; So a lot of grandfathers became the adviser of grandchildren, it is grandfather and grandchildren of course glad ah.

But our old revolution forgot him at the outset ' army commander ' it is to return a responsibility how, not only because be warlike time; Still have even if their itself has experience, plus ' army commander ' the simplification of duty; So twenties is held the position of ' army commander ' also be very normal. Present each regulations system passed precipitation of a few years, and our youth is entirely come out from the school; Never mention it ' regulations system ' not familiar, be working experience also is done not have; Because we are normally,promote those who learn a project into administration to lead, such young change can be competent system of post responsibility; It is impossible of course. In us as a result the person of twenties is on labour to make post hind, make our state-owned property prediction of a person's luck in a given year enters a peak; Make our regulations system exists in name only, because optional sex managed the pronoun of this times; Of course the son that we have pity on then this generation, be forced apace exits working station; Because grandchildren had a grandfather, will never allow father to exist in him mount a horse; Result we come off sentry duty of that six sons.
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