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Think " Chinese company culture grooms "
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The enterprise grooms is the task of focusing of contemporary whole world, it is the good plan of strategy of Cai Zhisheng of business circles executive person. It raised the academic level of business person, extended the intellectual field of vision of business person, or changed business person is an upright person working thinking, state of mind and intelligence mode, or the actual combat force that promoted an enterprise the person, or the potential that dug business person, aroused the vitality of business person, it is enterprise in a steady stream thereby ceaselessly the new blood that infuse develops, activation company natural resources, enhance the cohesive affinity of the enterprise, productivity, creativity and competition ability, always the vitality with nurture fresh enterprise. Accordingly, the enterprise grooms is character of resource of manpower of contemporary company activation, promotion management and the main weapon that enhance competitive actual strength.

" the revolution of study " : "The competitor that compares you learns to get fast ability, perhaps be exclusive advantage of can retentive competition " . In the commercial society of current and frequent changes, IT is swift and violent develop, know dispatch freely, the market fast change, the enterprise does not have abiding competitive advantage, even if faces again good business chance, also be a heart only and superabundant inadequacy, seek hard position. Say so, times of economy of place oneself knowledge, the enterprise needs aggrandizement to groom, learn quickly, change reason vessel is new, train dominant position, brave innovation road, drive situation develops.

Learn force of force drive culture, culture force makes creativity and competition ability. Also say, compose builds study company culture is contemporary company survives the inevitable choice with development. But the construction of culture of this kind of company is a complex systematic project, it involves company production to manage already with industry knowledge, domain of sortie culture theory. Head when among them is arousal of implementation company culture, master skill of the academic knowledge that company culture builds and major. For this, the enterprise should strengthen company culture construction not only, and should foster company culture to build a person with ability. Company culture just was in China arisen, there are a lot of business chances and economic point of growth inside this (among them, company culture grooms is a business chance namely) , for business chance of race to control, seek interest, the businessman intervenes company culture grooms in succession domain, while they provided intellective support for company culture construction, also disturbed company culture grooms the market, make nowadays company culture grooms domain desultorily, let numerous enterprise do not know place from. Accordingly, as for grooming just the orgnaization should be offerred for the enterprise " solid need, practical, actual combat " company culture grooms, it is for commercial interest informal to do not answer deal with, perform one's duty in a perfunctory manner; As need square enterprise to also answer according to the real need of the enterprise protocol grooms the person that task and choice brand groom.
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