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The difference that western manpower resource manages in
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When we talk about manpower resource high today to manage, a large number of adduction originate the theory of manpower endowment source control of western developed country, method and tool. But resource of manpower of the west in how many person understands manages the difference that the respect exists? Resource of manpower of the west in decisions of these difference certainly will manages the difference of specific means, the to human nature basic hypothesis of resource of manpower of the west in even if is identical.

Management of modern power resource is be born from the west and be introduced quickly China, although at present management of Chinese power resource is in concept field is main as synchronous as western developed country, in operation method respect also try hard to catch up. But we can discover a lot of enterprises blame these although academic, method is very advanced, but existent soil is lacked inside the enterprise. Where is the reason? Through comparing research, we can discover, although agree roughly,western manpower resource manages main train of thought in, but also put in very big difference, main show is:

One, the difference of premise of manpower endowment source control.

Of the development history that Chinese and Western just comes to thousands of years different, square culture of Chinese and Western, consuetudinary presence is very large difference, and the difference that these difference made resource of square manpower of Chinese and Western manage premise. The person that has learned manpower resource management can know, culture is one of the most important inputs that manpower resource manages. China culture becomes a system oneself, it and western culture feature are put in vast difference, formed those who differ " macroclimate " feature, western company culture is this is planted only in " macroclimate " below " microclimate " , existence difference is certain thing.

because such, the difference of the thing square culture that we manage to affecting manpower resource undertook summing up, wraparound will tell, have the following:

1, contracted form is different.

The marrow of western business culture is contracted, this affects the specific action of everybody. China also says bond now, but contracted more of the west is to show written materiality is contracted, bond of the psychology in Chinese bond has exceeding proportion. Is the concept of psychological bond American psychologist Shi En (E? H? SCHEIN) the professor puts forward formally. He thinks, psychological bond is " the individual will dedicate be gotten somewhat with constituent desire somewhat between, and one kind when the organization will expect to harvest in the light of the individual and offer somewhat cooperates " . The enterprise understands the requirement that understands every stuff and development desire, give as far as possible contented; And employee also is the development of the enterprise to make main dedication, because they believe,the enterprise can satisfy their demand and desire.
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