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Of interview without strategy of leader panel discussion
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One, why to carry out without leader panel discussion?

Latter very much company thinking to pick a person is more important than training a person. Gallup's viewpoint: Choose the viewpoint of Microsoft of more important than training a person to the person; : Choosing is more important than training a person to the person, the wisdom of a priori of successful and main profit from that Microsoft stuff place obtains is not experience accumulate. A mind which perceives both past and future knowledge when Microsoft pays attention to invite applications for a job bead the experience that is not later.

And when company invite applications for a job, especially crucial post, appeared a variety of misgive: Why prize gives when invite applications for a job " talent " arrive when using total dumb fire? The enterprise cost many manpower material resources, did not enrol right talented person, especially the intermediate force of the enterprise. Pick wrong person, to enterprise and employee, pay very big price. The cost of the enterprise was to bring cost of staff invite applications for a job, groom development cost, personnel flow cost, the deviate that the cost that organizes employee of performance low; is professional choice and the performance of perplexed, individual that the profession grows foreground are low.

Accordingly, have a kind already " short smooth fast " can you inspect applicant again does the talent that real action behaves evaluate a method?

Optimal discriminates method nothing is more... than to let candidate try to this post, for instance: Vise general manager of some company invite applications for a job, let candidate come 3 months had better not cross try out. But this is a kind of ideal only apparently, cost is big, the risk is high, not formal, irresponsible also to this candidate.

But this brings people a kind of train of thought after all: Want to listen to applicant to say not only, inspect their real action expression even. That has a kind already " short smooth fast " can approach the job quite again actual, can you inspect applicant to execute the talent that is expression to evaluate a method really? Be based on current each companies are right the consideration of the quality of talent of core of invite applications for a job, "Without leader panel discussion " lay arise at the historic moment in this kind of demand of people namely.

Having leader panel discussion is the method of a kind of collective interview. It is a group with 5-7 person normally, pointing to to undertake discussion around a problem inside time surely, yield the unified conclusion of the group. Interview official watchs the organization that measures examinee beside harmonious, communicate, group efforts, leader is decision-making the ability that waits for each respect and quality standard, and whether does the individual character characteristic such as flexibility of self-confident degree, reaction accord with the need that plans to assume post, will evaluate the difference between examinee and actor bad integratedly from this.
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