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What industry competition more returns is culture competition
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Chinese enterprise has foreign capital, state-owend enterprise, civilian camp at present 3 differ because of capital structure greatly and distinguish very old industry pattern. Dominant position of capital of hold something under the arm of foreign capital company pounds Chinese market, and complementary the management that perfects in order to mature, management concept and mechanism, publicize offensive through powerful advertisement, in the course so called mainland is changed after running, what had won Chinese customer gradually is close go back on one's word, occupational the intelligence of Chinese consumer, achieved so called " desire battle make a psychological attack " purpose. And in the tide that the state-owend enterprise reforms in system, through annex, recombine, be bought or joint-stock, be in " the country is retreated civilian into " in oppugning sound, or disappears, or changes his appearance, or new wine in old bottles, but OK and affirmative is existing so-called state-owend enterprise not be the state-owend enterprise on original meaning any more, just be in there is original banner as before on conduct propaganda external just, it is catchword with ethical industry, will stimulate the nerve of consumer with ethical affection. As to civilian battalion enterprise, gain development opportunity in the spring breeze of reforming and opening completely. "Spring breeze urges whip horse's hoof urgent " , regard China as a batch of the earliest opportunists, civilian battalion entrepreneur falls in the premise that does not have historical package, raise whip urges a horse, run quickly all the way, to today already quite make good.

Of the history of the enterprise, aptitude and dimensions different, make the process that the company is developing medium, also having disparate kind to the construction of oneself culture.

One, foreign enterprise: Company culture is a fat hotpot in the hand.

Regard foreign capital as the enterprise, what can enter China is general was to develop tens of year very consummate of hundred years come to an enterprise, be like P&G, coke Cola, GE and MOTO. In so long time, had formed the business management with one complete a complete set of, management thought and the scientific government that here thought guidance leaves, management system. In so long management time, this kind of enterprise has managed action through its, had accumulated rich and generous company culture, after coming to China, what what need is to execute mainland to change, the reflection that uses a Chinese habit, habits and customs and expressive means, come out its most substaintial viewpoint expression just. To enterprise of this kind of foreign capital, in company culture construction of China, the key depends on how undertaking to native land employee internationalization and how undertake to representing the spirit of enterprise of internationalization mainland is changed pack. As to those time still short foreign capital enterprise, dress up oneself into vogue, science and technology, young, change the attitude of feeling, rely on powerful capital backup force, in a flourish of trumpets so called internationalization, vogue element in Chinese consumer. Wait like IBM, SamSung, go back on his word in person with what this wins customer. Foreign capital enterprise passes through many advertisement conduct propaganda, show its spirit of enterprise and figure, carry much public relations activity, obtain the good opinion of consumer. No matter be in its advertisement conduct propaganda or public relations activity, foreign capital industry always appears with a kind of positive attitude, in earn consumer good impression while, also drove the rapid growth of sale. It is with PHILIP exemple, make company image ad greatly on TV recently, appeal to beg its from inside entering China to arrive 20 years of present, invented the product of how many, brought what kind of change for Chinese consumer (" the flower of the product " advertisement) . But to us, important is his 20 years when be in China, sale achieved much faster growth. Advertisement, become foreign capital enterprise to pull use sale and the important method that reveal company culture.
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