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The company culture below Chinese philosophy
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Company culture is the behavior means that how an industry member works jointly in enterprise interior, it is how the company cooperates with the outside external a kind of manner of coexist, can be summarized to be " the working way here " , perhaps saying is the form that how should we work. Accordingly we solve company culture definition for the enterprise mix internally external the thinking of card of a differentiate of all sorts of contradiction, it is the means that how direct company member lives jointly.

One, philosophical meaning

In our country traditional culture, sagacious is wisdom meaning, just as its name implies, philosophy says with respect to the generation that is wisdom. Be in likewise the west, philosophy is called " Philosophy " , it is from " Philein " and " Sopia " the word develop of these two ancient Greek is changed come, the meaning of these two ancient Greek words is respectively " love " and " wisdom " , a general designation " love wisdom " . Apparent, from philosophy the evolution of this word looks, philosophy is regarded to be the mankind by archaic person all the time the crystallization of highest wisdom. In the development process of latter-day and modern science, philosophical position is sovereign all the time, because the development of latter-day science has confirmed ceaselessly, nature is unified, all things everythings on earth is according to same regular existence and development, philosophy serves as a knowledge of the rule that discusses the existence with the basiccest everythings on earth and development, in be being regarded naturally to be science " science " , it is a knowledgeable elite at the same time.

The distinction with person and true animal depends on a person have an idea, and the animal is done not have, because this thought is a person,have some character. Had an idea, the person also is about to consider the meaning of life and value. The job is joy is painful still, this is the result that people thinks. If did not have a thought, the person's life also did not have value, so philosophy is the core of culture, it decided the person's viewpoint of value. The thought condensed in corporeal product to become culture. Culture is the person's culture, was to have talent some. The happiness that only the tragic ability of anguish and life tells us strongly to must cherish his lives. We say the core of company culture is the core viewpoint of value of the enterprise, because the person in the enterprise is valuable,watch, want to make the enterprise can form a kind of unified core concept, with respect to the viewpoint of value that must know a person deep, the person in allowing a company feels the enterprise can bring them the happiness of life, such jobs just are significant, of course the cohesive affinity nature of the enterprise also was strengthened.

Socrates alleges main task of the person is " the heart that returns to oneself " " him understanding " , he points out philosophical task is to coach how people has been to a kind of significant life. Will tell to philosophy, the basiccest is the philosophy about the person, so philosophy can call a person to learn simply. If you want to make your life richer better, so philosophy is indispensable. Philosophy is the safeguard that leads to good life. Can say, happiness or happy life are the pursuit of everybody or desire almost. That what is happiness or happy life? The fact tells us, even if had comfortable corporeal life, we also can not go up too certainly the life of good happiness. True happiness is searched in the ability in inner world only get, visible, happiness is a kind of view with person vivid opposite above all, it is a kind of manner with person vivid opposite. This is the requirement that why adopt the drive of materially only in business management and cannot satisfy human nature completely, you admit the person is invigorative only the demand that go up, you just can manage good person.
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