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Talent: of ostrich of wood of Mei of cleanse of large bamboo hat holds Qian mon
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Let B class person do A class thing

This is a kind of successful way that develops a person with ability. The person that means lets small office is tall, the purpose is to press hurried of a carring pole to grow. Our traditional method is to measure ability to use, the person of grade of appropriate, what plans occurrences in human life the thing of what grade. Let B class person do A class thing this kind of practice is different from talent high spending already, have again not at talent excess load, more scientific, proper, make employee feels already have slight pressure, but unapt feel pressure is too great, working position has challenge sex a bit, conduce to incentive employee strenuous enterprising.

Adjust instantly when outstanding achievement is optimal

This is a kind of practice that break free from conventions. The talent grows have the law, ability growth of the person is have periodic, the time that normally a person works on a post with 3 it is advisable to come 4 years. It is advantage addition before 3 years, hind it is defect addition 3 years. Accordingly, experience also is a kind of fortune, be inferior to a talent to mediocre person with its. Adjust the post of those outstanding talents and position timelily, rise ceaselessly to them, continue to be brought up to be in benignantly, this is to bring up compound model one of effective methods of the talent.

Choose outstanding scale to must achieve 70% above

Long-term since, no matter be mechanism, career or company unit, whenever sum up decide on awards through discussion when, outstanding scale is in commonly 30% less than, year of every year assessment is medium since executive officeholder system control all the time for outstanding number surely in 15% less than. This kind of practice became social usual practice it seems that, got extensive self-identity. It is under setting of such a kind of society, our discovery has a few unit to do exactly the opposite truly, they are judged every year end of the year maintain from beginning to end for outstanding number in 70% above. Through the discovery after thorough knowledge, basis of their make a point is: Ought to be normal behavior with the behavior of most person, judge the employee of 70% above for outstanding, be helpful for incentive majority flogging a few.

Employee thinks lets them what do

Someone says, this is returned Oh, employee thinks what does, that is not random still set, if they want to become manager, secretary, head of a county, mayor, which have so much place? What say here is complete not be this meaning. Well-known, below planned economy condition, obtain employment requirement is group of dry group love, actually may not loves, do not love helpless also. Fall in market economy condition nowadays, choose course of study ought to be love group dry group. Talent resource is developed even if want to build a kind of comfortable society environment, below probable condition, endeavor to satisfy the interest of employee, hobby and ambition, like to do to let them what do, want to work how to long make them dry how long, own choose course of study, pleasurable, ability exhibits his grow each, release the energy of oneself adequately.
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