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Manpower resource management is business management
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The strength that because its manage,manpower resource management works is different, different also to the requirement of manpower resource worker. Although a lot of enterprises know the competition of the enterprise is the talent's competition now, but regard the talent as truly the is strategic height company that a kind of resource inspects is not much.

Have the problem of the mechanism, because the mechanism is not agile, especially because the policymaker below some kind of mechanism gets long-term the influence since, have revolutionary move harder. For example now although be market economy, but the mind that its manage is not quite open still, use the issue of thinking means look upon below planned economy mode even.

Have the problem of the concept, the changes of newer, society of knowledge, the enterprise has bit of ability not equal to one's ambition. We often see the enterprise has money reward to having contributive stuff, the rewards means effectiveness that adopts to having the stuff of outstanding achievement actually is good without cashed means. Because cash,those who reflect is a kind of rationality, principle the earnest sex with contracted type, that is to say this is employee due; And what promotive means reflects is policy gender, not quits sex, additional sex and did not ensure a gender, the pay that if he has similar contribution again,feels as employee still must depend on of the director " research " .

Have the problem that understands height, euramerican enterprise is opposite commonly many what the heavy visual range of ability spends the person to want generally to take seriously than domestic company. Return the ability that is pair of talents to develop a field from the content of strategic angle, job no matter. And company of a lot of home looks nearlier. For example, hope employee has working experience is to eat its " capital " , developing a person with ability is to hope its are an enterprise inside can short time bring money, groom fear talent prediction of a person's luck in a given year, spend to the faithfulness of employee, maturity, perfect degree reach by endowment platoon generation, be afraid that oneself are grabbed " rice bowl " wait for understanding error is commonner. Accordingly, the true democracy inside the enterprise should consider from human respect, build employee to do poineering work, the atmosphere that creates value is a breach that the enterprise supervises the work to manpower resource. What is after the manager of a lot of enterprises does not know even him himself 3 years two, he doing, also do not know what a certain employee is doing after 3 years two, how to let everybody be in a company " make long-term plan " ? Can be short-term action only, can be only " the person goes toward tower above " , can be only " everything for oneself " .

A lot of enterprises are in now do " study sex is organized " , before two years we think " study sex is organized " it is a concept only, it is a subject matter only. And this kind of this kind of concept, subject matter is half-baked. Just think, learn only, what to learn? How to learn? How to learn to do? We put forward to answer at that time is " learn, religion, experienced " the organization that joins, such ability become system, loop. Every staff inside the enterprise is learning, its differ to learn a gender to organize then as a result, a lot of person study in them may be to leave a company, the study of employee from want shortly, mediumly, for a long time around move the purpose that the company grows jointly, religion, practice also wants around move this is same purpose, the organization of the enterprise just is healthy. The study atmosphere of a few enterprises is very thick, but those who do is the same old stuff, some industries leader emphasizes very much, but let employee play without enough space, what is used again? The study of a lot of enterprises around move management, manage, this does not have a fault originally. But oversight a bit, namely the character education of employee. The character of employee is a kind of the company's biggest natural resources, we often wait with system of company culture, regulations will be generalized generally, undertake study without thorough ground. The laziness of the self of the desire of for example person, person, person, it is objective existence, regard business demand as all employee " impartial " that is impracticable, but pass hard " first fair hind illicit " it is possible, but what kind of method to adopt? Be worth to consider. Everybody knows " cask effect " , namely the cask of a Chu Manshui, wanted to smoke a batten only, water is done not have in cask; If the top of cask is uneven, so water can be in only top lowermost part. That is to say, present enterprise is not to rely on an a kind of a person, resource, advertisement can " long period of order and stability " , however each employee of this enterprise wants " essence of life " . Because the person is a kind of substitute, if the ability of everybody, quality is quite strong, of its whole replace a gender small, the capital of power labor power of its core gains an advantage on opposite quantity! Accordingly, a few competition intense or the enterprise of high-tech wants plastic is " expert " group or organization, of the person strong can become a kind to get the better of situation.
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