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Chinese management 10 big questions are analytic
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The base that gains actual strength is to return to the basiccest level, do the work solid had done. In understanding management correctly the basiccest, also be 10 the most serious problems -- future of company of character of leader of transition of culture of structure of management, organization, organization, company, company, industry, handler, enterprise, strategy, China, of course of study of the state-owend enterprise in be opposite manage to it is important to be.

Many people think, in 20 years of in the past, of commerce and enterprise grow to be not to principal port of China destroying an old tradition at it, and building a new world at it. But, in this new business world, have true understanding cogently to management, having a system to run the ability of business management is crucial however. 20 the closest years, it is the time that Chinese enterprise leans actual strength to manage, the base that gains actual strength returns to the basiccest level to do the work namely. Accordingly, 10 the most serious problems in management need us to give more reflection with the analysis. These 10 problems are ordinal it is management, organization, organization future of company of character of leader of transition of culture of structure, company, company, industry, handler, enterprise, strategy, China. In this course, we will undertake an analysis to these problem one by one (see a picture 1) .

Management is analytic.

The management that how understands western maturity is academic, it is the bewilderment that Chinese business management encounters all the time, the theory that why can you use successfully in the west changed to taste in the practice to Chinese business management? The key of the problem is us manage itself without well and truly understanding, manage all west theory below the concept to cannot get effectively applying so.

How to understand management

We can understand management from 5 angle.

One, management is decision-making

The meaning with the most fundamental management should let subordinate understand what is the most important namely. Besides this thing, management does not need to do any decision-making.

Do management to do not have what important matter actually, it is clear that the job of each class is limitted OK.

Management does not need to communicate, need obedience only. And major company should communicate management, result interior, exterior cannot get self-identity.

2, management is a knowledge

If management is a knowledge, have the law but abide. I think, it is very important at 3 o'clock to have in administrative rule: It is management is in charge of to performance only; 2 it is to managing systematic go-between and person are not equality; 3 it is management does not talk pair of faults, face a fact to solve a problem only.
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