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Summary of firm of Japanese hunt head gives 3 when find new job optimal period
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Be in Japan, hunt head firm can undertake to the client very meticulous obtain employment coachs, its process has guidance you fill in personal details, see you whether be accorded with turn skill of interview of duty age, professor 14. They think life has 3 changeover professional optimal period, namely alleged " turn duty comfortable age " , if want,turn duty should choose to be inside these 3 period as far as possible.

The first phase: 25 to 30 years old. This period is " ego independence, energetic, young promising " level, no matter which company needs such talented person. Go trying in the industry that this period reachs those doing not have boldly to had been contacted.

The 2nd phase: 35 years old of around. This period can be engaged in managing position, but the full-time inside the trade that can allow in experience only.

The 3rd phase: 40 to 50 years old, divide again among them after mixing 45 years old before for 45 years old two phase. 45 years old before is the age that demonstrates individual ability adequately paragraph, and the enterprise also has varied functionary demand, the extent of the choice and possibility are very large. If be pair of lifetime only turn duty person for, this is optimal period. Also be called after 45 years old ultra period, right capable person, the minister of the foreign enterprise, senior post should be its target. Turn in this phase duty should not have too big change with the experience in the past.

The most perfect profession career that summary of hunt head firm gives should be: 1978 years old before the profession that main investment pursues, through 56 single-page calendar practice gains particular financial strength, middle-level government post is taken office as in 35 years old or so. The ability that influences 10 years should be developed adequately on this post, in the meantime, want the working place with final establish and position. Need not plan 40 years old or so to turn certainly at the beginning duty, but the position with ceaseless final look for is indispensable however.

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