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Baby-sitter demands exceeds supply appear double choose baby-sitter to ask emplo
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Previously, the citizen asked baby-sitter to always do not forget to ask homemaking the company: "Does baby-sitter have healthy card? Have second liver contagion? " yesterday, the reporter visits homemaking of Nanning city share to serve a company to understand, because at present baby-sitter demands exceeds supply, a few have experience baby-sitter to be in show healthy evidence while, also begin to ask employer shows healthy evidence.

Ms. Chen of Nanning city Tang Shan district entrusts one homemaking company to introduce a live baby-sitter to take care of darling. On January 2, homemaking company do the deserted aunt with old baby-sitter to introduce her. Ms. Chen met in homemaking company with deserted aunt, negotiate salary and working content. Subsequently, ms. Chen asks deserted aunt goes to a hospital to have a medical check-up by guild regulations. Deserted aunt demur does not say, take out several days ago check-up report. Next, she also puts forward Ms. Chen one shows healthy circumstance to prove.

Does baby-sitter also ask to employ main body check? Ms. Chen just began to hear some without discrepancy. But deserted aunt explanation says: Oneself change employer every time, must reach a hospital afresh check-up, but employer does not have check-up, if employer is insalubrious, so inequitable. Ms. Chen expresses to understand to this, promise to come home backward the check-up report that she produces an unit to be organized every year. This ability signed both sides happily contract.

The reporter understands from partial homemaking company, in recent years, baby-sitter is healthy the first requirement when becoming employer to ask a person, ask to take care of the family of dot especially, ask baby-sitter goes to a hospital having a medical check-up, basically undertake the bosom is appeared, liver function examination. When dry-nurse takes out the common contagious disease such as the liver that do not have second, syphilis to report, employer just is at ease invite baby-sitter mount guard. Baby-sitter mount guard should have healthy card to already became guild regulations. But some baby-sitter think, employer asks baby-sitter provides healthy evidence, oneself do not offer healthy state to give nurse however, this to baby-sitter be imparity. Now, baby-sitter market demand had change, baby-sitter is in the state that demand exceeds supply basically, the baby-sitter that has working experience partly asks employer shows healthy evidence. Nevertheless, not all employer shows check-up gladly to report. Hear baby-sitter asks employer provides healthy evidence, some employer express too troublesome, not willing action such " eventful " baby-sitter.

Controller of one homemaking company thinks, baby-sitter asks employer shows healthy evidence, this is a kind of expression of equality of baby-sitter requirement position. Actually, the position of baby-sitter and employer should be equal, both sides has the right of the choice. Employer first selection holds the baby-sitter of healthy card, and baby-sitter lives for a long time in employer home whether does likewise anxious employer have second liver, syphilis to wait for common contagious disease. Both sides should be communicated, understanding, such ability get along for a long time.
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