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"Umbriferous effect " and " Huo Sang effect "
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Having a classical stories is such descriptions: The Buddha of Su Dongpo and golden hill temple imprints the Great Master is together, the Buddha that Su Dongpo asks disposition is a few more simple and honest imprints Great Master: "A Buddhist monk, the sitting position that you see me how? " a Buddhist monk answers: "Very good, resemble one honour majestic figure of Buddha. " Su Dongpo listened to have one's heart filled with free from worry. Buddha imprints ask Su Dongpo then: "Bachelor, the sitting position that you see me how? " Su Dongpo mocks a Buddhist monk to: "Resemble piling bovine excrement! " a Buddhist monk listened to also appear very glad.

Su Dongpo flatter oneself took petty gain, come home cheerfully told a little sister, different unexpectedly, the Su Xiaomei with clever ice and snow pures colors: "Elder brother you are wrong, the Buddhist says ' Buddha heart shows oneself ' , buddha resembles in heart of a Buddhist monk, so he sees you resemble Buddha, and bovine excrement is like in your heart, be see a Buddhist monk just resemble bovine excrement with you. " Su Dongpo is dumb like that. There is one to plant on psychology " umbriferous effect " , those who say is a person often the not self-conscious psychology feature oneself, wait like individual character, likes and dislikes, desire, idea, mood move add to others body, think others also is to have same characteristic. Be like, the Cao when the the Three Kingdoms is held, natural disposition is suspicious, daydream repeatedly feel somebody crucial point he, this is " umbriferous effect " in do mischief. Projectile action also is safeguard of a kind of ego, such doing what can assure individual heart is quiet, but often affect oneself to be opposite the correct judgement of person and thing. As a result of the existence of projectile effect, we often can are opposite from a person the speculation in the view of others the real intent of this individual or psychological feature. In the meantime, in daily life, we often also project our idea and apiration erroneously on others body: The person that oneself like, think others also can like; Parents always likes to design school of future, choice and profession for children, a bit ignores the interest interest of avoid child and strong point, force oneself be fond of to filial body, the target of own unfulfilment, will come true by children, in reality, past past and wish to turn over. Lay Buddhist of Su Dongpo of big literary giant takes its disgrace oneself with a fun, encountered him himself also only then makings not as good as awkward. When my management enterprise, often also wait for oneself psychology, viewpoint, umbriferous go up to employee body, did not listen attentively to employee seriously people sound, often complain, angry, set a high demand on somebody in the hope that he will improve. . . Controller wait for a lot of respects from domain of individual ability, knowledge tower above employee prepares, so, you are a manager, he is employee, the leader is artistic namely it is a science.
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