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Employer dimension authority is stuck person
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When employer looks for baby-sitter, want to do good defense measure and homemaking company to make clear responsibility, must notice the following at 4 o'clock:

1. looks for baby-sitter to regular homemaking corporation;

2. baby-sitter must certificate is all ready; Below permission condition, want to examine the technical ability of baby-sitter.

3. is baby-sitter check-up;

4. and baby-sitter or baby-sitter location firm sign an agreement.

To decrease with the contradiction between baby-sitter, employer should accomplish the following:

1. does not ask to baby-sitter too tall;

2. ugly word says thereinbefore, work to decide a specific terms of reference and behavior standard to baby-sitter at the beginning;

3. does not go than compare, it is baby-sitter decompression appropriately, discover a problem in time and help her solve.

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