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Homemaking course of study: Imprint regretful melt shank barium carve of be good
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Speak of homemaking service, in the impression of people, wash clothes namely, cook, sweep, look after children... but now, the demand that common people serves to homemaking is being sided with specialization, change subtly, individuation develops. The user is directional the fractionize that looks for baby-sitter to advance homemaking to serve the market ceaselessly, accordingly, this industry also arises ceaselessly " new title " .

What homemaking serves is meticulous differentiate, satisfied specific need of the family on one hand, a the sort of looking for " all-round " the someone that homemaking does a family already not much. On the other hand, the practitioner that homemaking serves had the opportunity that develops respective special skill, the service of the try to attend to big and small matters all at once goes against homemaking to serve personnel to develop his proficiency in a particular line adequately.

Talk with major, with refine perfect, with characteristic promotion, this is the road of the development that homemaking serves.

The home has a new life should seek lunar elder brother's wife, there is the member that cheeper wants the baby looking for Yo that take care of in the home, there is the member of the patient that should look for a family to nurse in the home. It is to cook only, it is a lot of kinds with respect to fractionize, have the banquet elder brother's wife that becomes miniature party technically for domestic party, have what cook technically for pupil " small dining table " , there was the hutch elder brother's wife that makes food of the daily life of a family only again nowadays.

According to current classification, domestic service can divide it is 9 kinds big: Domestic Ju Baojie kind, domestic cooking kind, the family nurses kind, receive send kind, engage by special arrangement serves kind, the family decorates maintenance kind, pet cultivate and plant conserve kind, the family seeks advice kind, the family is taught kind. In these 9 kinds big in, still can divide give nearly 100 Xiaoxiang.

Each takes what he needs of user of fractionize homemaking market

The homemaking service item that the citizen is familiar with and needs most at present basically has handle chore, attend patient of infant of old person, nurse, nurse, nurse education of meal of the pregnant woman and puerpera, family that make, housework management, family, family is recreational recreation. The cent of the form that use worker worker that homemaking serves is labour of complete day labourer, half day labourer, hour to wait. The homemaking clerk that full-time works basically comes from a country, hour labour and personnel of service of other type homemaking come from urban company off-duty workers, unemployed personnel, retiree more, also have able-bodied person of partial country have more than needed. The salary that the hour is versed in is in commonly horary 10 yuan of fluctuation drift; Complete day labourer and the salary of half day labourer, differ by region economy standard and offerred service, be in commonly 3000 to 1000 yuan between, service of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals and all sorts of professional service salary is higher, some lunar income exceed 3000 yuan.
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