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Make the admiral of Chinese homemaking industry
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Update time: 2008-05-06 article origin: Internet author: Hunan in deep

-- write down vice-chairman of association of homemaking of city of deputy secretary-general of countrywide homemaking association, Shenzhen,

Shenzhen city beautiful resides happy homemaking to serve company president duckweed of 10 thousand dreams

Civil / Hunan is in deep

The career just must have like the investment like life brilliant, life hits ability in the wrestle that does not cease only significant.

-- duckweed of 10 thousand dreams from exert oneself language

There is before door of Shenzhen municipal Party committee " ox of cultivate virgin soil " sculpture, it is the portraiture of the trailblazer spirit monumental work that all brave enter a special zone. 700 thousand " Hunan army " the rise that is in Shenzhen, of support is the spirit of working in earnest of this kind of unknown to public. Understanding Shenzhen beautiful resides what happy homemaking serves limited company to grow history, understanding beautiful house is happy " palm door person "Duckweed of 10 thousand dreamsLady, you can comprehend the deep-seated connotation of this kind of spirit from another flank: Make the same score everything, use extraordinary heart namely, ability is accomplished; The person that do poineering work, be thrown namely with whole life, ability can be harvested somewhat.

Mention duckweed of 10 thousand dreams, couplet letting a person thinks of Beijing opera " sanded home creek " a medium actor's lines: "This woman not common " . "The market " the brain that this word imprints already deeply into her, she washs government organization staff member the style of step-by-step, blindly follow sb, plunge into surfy market economy sea directly, and honor permits no turning back. Go all out in work through business sea of a few years, had become the business circles daughter that has 3 a villa, cars in age of 23 years old outstanding. Subsequently, she laid the view Chinese economy is the richest the Shenzhen of vigor, began the 2nd flight of the career. With by tens of thousands come to Shenzhen person of special zone pan is different, she is taking outback capital to come to Shenzhen invest. She has opened the hairdressing inn, center that make friend, also had worked to others. In life experience classics for many times after go through the mill, she already fortune more or less to look very weakly, what she thinks is how to rise the life union of oneself career and average citizen, can create regular economic benefits already, can produce favorable social beneficial result again.
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