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Community of seek by inquiry resides a provide for the aged to serve new pattern
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Provide for the aged, it is the topic that a lot of old people and youth care very much, after all this how provide for the aged? In where provide for the aged? The reporter is informed, begin from last year, zhuo Da property amounts to a book in eminent sweet garden is embedded mode of a kind of brand-new provide for the aged -- , provide for the aged of Zhuo Da community serves mode, project of among them a few services is free, be for the sake of letting the old person in community inside community is OK better provide for the aged, this kind of service after all how? The reporter had seek by inquiry.

■ somebody is accompanied protect, accompany a little, the side shops

On April 29, the reporter is in city ward of courtyard of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, saw the Wei Yuying that lives in Zhuo Dashu sweet garden 75 years old old person and the gold of Duan Peng of 22 years old of girls that come from center of provide for the aged of community of Zhuo Da property to patronize an old person. See Wei Yuying old person lies on sickbed to be in only infusion, duan Peng Jin Shouzai aside, often brush a face for the old person, the liquid that glances place is defeated, take care of very hand and foot.

Wei Yuying tells a reporter, on she feels suddenly giddy Saturday, examination hind says be in hospital of blood pressure tall need, but children people go to work busier, do not consider by day on take care of her, she listens to others to say property has accompany protect a service, try to amount to property company to raised a ministry to make a telephone call to eminent, did not think of they still sent a person to come really, it is girl of Duan Peng gold. "This is small girl but good, I these days be in hospital, she accompanies me every day, give dozen of meal, help the toilet on me up. " Wei Yuying old person says gladly, "Hear reporter and the conversation of Wei Yuying old person, live in with the old person same a of a ward lady of 55 years old is envied to this unceasingly. As we have learned, like Duan Peng gold, the company that still a few eminent amount to property raises a staff member to be being accompanied in other hospital protect a patient, the patient needs to pay the basic fee that accompanies the person that protect only can, and the old person to 76 years old of above, such accompanying protecting is free.

Jiang Xianglan tells many years old of 70 old people that children is not beside the reporter, now, the company of Zhuo Da property raises a staff member to lie between 3 difference 5 go seeing her, look at a toilet dirty helping sweep, bulb became bad helping by on, still accompany her to chat. Shop at ordinary times on the route that takes in the village, if touch,go up the person of property, it is everybody can be helped no matter carry come home.
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