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Life coordinate searchs in homemaking course of study- - write down Wu Min of co
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The person that do poineering work is recommended

Wu Min, general manager of limited company of poineering homemaking of Nanchang city the Women's Federation. Since 2003, the company that Wu Min establishs is judged 4 years to be orgnaization of intermediary of Nanchang city profession continuously " normative window " and " industry of Nanchang city homemaking is advanced unit " ; 2005, was judged to be countrywide homemaking to serve advanced unit 2006. Wu Min is judged to be industry of Nanchang city homemaking advanced individual; Be hired to be deputy secretary-general and homemaking service to groom by association of trade of Chinese homemaking service base director; Obtained 2004 " Nanchang city again obtain employment is advanced individual " title; Obtain the 6th Jiangxi to save women to build result example name; Ranked a province 2006 " 100 beautiful poineering female " .

Successful path

The road austral hill is resembled in Nanchang city 202, the Nanchang city the Women's Federation with a famed far and near does poineering work homemaking limited company, although the area is not large, but walked out of clerk of many 6000 well-trained of all kinds homemaking from here, among them great majority is workingwoman of come off sentry duty. Who can think of, wu Min of company general manager also once was an off-duty workers.

1993, wu Min from come off sentry duty of bureau of goods and materials of Nanchang environs area. The course is brief confused hind, she is trying open hotel, return traffic to cross rolled steel, short-term work has been made in the hotel. During this, have successful joyance already, what have failure again is miserable. "No matter suffer what setback, I never have had abandoned hoping, just be come again from the beginning! " Wu Min says.

Establish the personal experience that the inspiration of homemaking service company will come ask housekeeper to the child oneself. That was 2002, wu Min discovers the homemaking of provincial capital served course of study not to get used to market demand far, and this group course of study suits workingwoman of come off sentry duty very again obtain employment. Immediately following in time year in May, wu Min borrows money to the bank with house guaranty, plus east move borrows collect on the west sufficient 200 thousand yuan, below the support of Nanchang city the Women's Federation the company opened business.

At the beginning of doing poineering work, wu Min is taking employee to come to shopping mall, market, residential area, send out to people the announce handbill that recommends company business, card. Conveniently of a few people throws announce leaflet on the ground, wu Min wants one Zhang Zhang pick up to come, the hold in mouth or eyes in the eye is worn stubborn tear. First in 9 months, homemaking company not only a minute of money was not earned had a deficit instead 210 thousand yuan.
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