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The Mu Ying with everybody medium eye nurses
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Update time: 2008-05-06 article origin: Pick from " law and life " author: Unspecified

On March 24, 2008, the 2007 year that serve institute organization by Beijing homemaking commend congress is held in Beijing, clerk of outstanding to Beijing client, homemaking, homemaking served a company to undertake commending. After the meeting, the reporter interviewed the delegate of tripartite randomly. In the meantime, the reporter also undertook relevant network is investigated. The Mu Ying in asking them to say their key point nurses the job --

Client: Esteem and understanding are the most important

Be judged to be by association of Beijing homemaking service " Beijing civilization is good 2007 user " Wang Shiling, went out 2004 " confinement " later asked the Yo that comes from n city this now Zhang Yan of elder brother's wife, up-to-date already 4 years. A very short time that recalls this 4 years gets along, wang Shiling and Zhang Yan had not produced any unpleasantness, "The most important is our both sides special for consider of the other side, can be respected and understand the other side. " Wang Shiling tells a reporter so, she is a mom that lacks experience of life in those days, the Yo that because this searched technically,is in middleaged, experience of life to abound elder brother's wife piece aunt. About how looking after children, she goes up from the net, the concept that sees on the book and Zhang Yan agree basically, in some detail respect, zhang Yan very the opinion that respects Wang Shiling, for instance, milk is drunk to fill before Wang Shiling holds to the child to sleep calcic, very the hour begins to brush one's teeth etc.

"I am to hit what bump into the ground to find Zhang Yan by accident by accident, at that time is every month 1200 yuan. Remember just getting her from homemaking company on the way home, I ask she is what nation accidentally, she tells me is the Hui nationality. At that time, I am particularly accident. Because, this means me habit of domesticity of this blame the Hui nationality needs to undertake major key is rectified weighing. After returning the home, I clean freezer clean instantly, send neighbour the pork inside entirely, from now on, I and sweetheart are midday eat pork outside, also had not eaten pork again in the home, we solemned a family of accurate the Huis. Zhang Yan is touched very to our act, she says child cannot partiality for a particular kind of food, active region is worn plastic glove makes pork small a round mass of food to darling, do a business more with one one's heart endeavors. " the Wang Shiling that works in media unit is very busy, accordingly she plans to ask Zhang Yan to be in the home all the time, till the elementary school on the child, junior high school, raise service cost actively still to every month 1800 yuan, "Since give birth to my,I think me the person with hit the target the most serious -- the son gave she, I ought to resemble waiting for her euqally to the family member. " say of king world Ling.
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