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Homemaking serves the risk of course of study to become homemaking industry futu
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Update time: 2008-05-06 article origin: Boreal green net - Beijing youth signs up for an author: Thunder fine

China's current and huge homemaking market demand, conceal law of a lot of problem to ensure compensatory dispute risk to increase -- ,

Report from our correspondent is sentenced in rich smooth homemaking after proposal of compensation of 470 thousand yuan of a huge sum before long, chinese family serves trade association to held a seminar recently, the risk of line of business of seminar family service is on guard with control. The trade representing that attend the meeting think generally, domestic service line of business is in face huge market demand while, the industry risk that face cannot get effective control for a long time however, it is the one big bottleneck that line of business of current family service is faced with.

Chinese family serves trade association to carry out chairman Zhang Jianji to express, at present home is in only book homemaking company has more than 550 thousand, make an appointment with 16 million person from personnel of course of study, the labor production value of creation is very enormous. But because a priori is insufficient, the pressure that causes an industry to be faced with and bottleneck are highlighted with each passing day come out. At present homemaking owner wants the risk of existence to include: Identity safety risk, healthy risk, groom quality risk, legal safeguard risk, dispute compensation risk is waited a moment.

Want to be on guard or reduce industry risk, itself of need homemaking industry and the relevant industry catenary that swim up and down produce effect jointly, form complete, stereo the domestic service job that change guarantees a system, include identity information to check, legal safeguard, major grooms the whole industry catenary such as compensation of safeguard of system, medical treatment, risk, ability accomplishs avoid risk truly, make the industry can grow continuously.

The reporter understands, the dimensions as a result of homemaking enterprise and development level are at present uneven, can accomplish pair of homemaking clerks and client to undertake clerk of identity attestation, homemaking is groomed by the standard truly, the company that insurance becomes backup force is very little. Beijing family serves association chairman Li Dajing to also express, before a few years insurance company of association combination part rolls out " homemaking danger " , cast protect rate is not high. Without the course attestation and groomed homemaking clerk enter employer home service, once produce an accident, to clerk of employer, homemaking and homemaking enterprise tripartite, bear hard.

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