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Ask the astute abacus of baby-sitter
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Read baby-sitter " countless " Miss Wei this year 27 years old, it is the advanced white-collar of enterprise of an United States endowment, with husband two people live easy life of a small family. Miss Wei and husband work busily, make the member that hour labour must become her home to do the serious very important person of bagatelle of daily household duties.
But, miss Wei changed ten baby-sitter one year last year, it may be said is to read " labour " countless. She says to money daughter, irresponsible baby-sitter has a few common characteristics, work not active, manner is not serious, often be late leave early, dinkum to earn fast money. Also have some of seasoned veteran baby-sitter, the attitude is tough, be willing to hear master word not quite.
Miss Wei suggests, although experience and qualifications and record of service are the standard of good baby-sitter, but in view of baby-sitter meeting and host are contacted for long intimately, so manner and bearing just are the most important.
Money daughter analyses:
Big classify of hour labour type
Daily time is versed in
Working limits: Basically include a room to protect clean, Qing Dynasty to wash clothes to take and cook; Household thing is not too much, do not need long work.
Suit a crowd: Suit the white-collar couple with busier job, her existence can let you more time and energy enjoy group of two the world.
Fixed building sweeps industry
Working limits: Of room of be confined to arrange with clean, secure every week come a certain number of second.
Suit a crowd: Have a meal in the home or have oneself not quite specific food habit, want a house only neat lone a group of things with common features or young couple;
Be stationed in a baby-sitter
Working limits: Wash clothes cook, arrange a room, receive send a child and take care of special patient.
Suit a crowd: Have the child, young family that live together with elder or has economic actual strength. Old with need VIP less to take care of, the professional skill of baby-sitter also can be helped even a few attend specially answer be good at job.
Lunar elder brother's wife
Working limits: Basically be to attend most of the baby eat and drink pull scatter, and the food that special arrange produces stepmother Mom. Also help them postpartum restore, or now and then dredge is postpartum and depressed mood.
Suit a crowd: The young father and mother of very much independent life needs lunar elder brother's wife to help them spend special period very much. A good lunar elder brother's wife can reduce their household amount not only, still can church they many Yo heart classics. Lunar elder brother's wife needs those who have major to nurse already technology, still need disposition gentle, want to be full of height to hold the post of a heart to darling and family. Service company information makes clear, have the lunar elder brother's wife that takes care of Mu Ying to experience 34 times at least talent is welcome.
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