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How to defeat bottleneck of venture of solution homemaking estate
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2007, the baby-sitter small thunder of service center of Beijing Fu Ping homemaking is taking care of reason of make trouble of a hair when two years old of cheeper, child accident dies. A few days ago, the 2nd intermediate court is opposite Beijing this one person is damaged case make 2 careful adjudicate, by Fu Ping homemaking service center recoups employer loss 470 thousand yuan. After the court decision is released, beijing because a few small homemaking companies are anxious to produce similar incident and bear without ability compensate of high specified number pays gold, announce stop business in succession, this brought an influence to the homemaking course of study of Beijing, but on the other hand, this case also knocks to the homemaking enterprise of our country had canorous alarm bell: Must adopt measure to control and be on guard the venture that homemaking industry future develops, defeat the bottleneck that sees industry progress.

Current, what risk to exist in development of industry of our country homemaking? What is the crucial point that the risk exists? How to dissolve these risks to come the healthy progress of normative homemaking course of study? Be aimed at these problems, the author interviewed homemaking company and concerned expert.

Normative industry serves the market

In recent years, as the development of socioeconomy, and social labor divides the work specialization with each passing day, industry of our country homemaking got developing quickly, market demand quickness grows. Current, the country is immanent book homemaking company amounts to more than 550 thousand, the industry is 16 million person about from personnel of course of study. "But, the homemaking service line of business of our country grows still non-standard, accumulate contained a lot of risks, for example risk of industry government venture, battalion of already of look forward to, employer consumption risk and homemaking personnel wait from estate venture. The existence of these risks, restricted the normal evolution of homemaking industry greatly. " vice-chairman of association of trade of Chinese family service is giant spring say.

"Industry of our country homemaking is non-standard, the surface is reflected is the price and service quality problem, it is risk element is in on deep administrative levels the industry is lopsided in the negative effect that cause. " green homemaking interlinks company CEO Zhu Lei to say in an ancient name for China.

As we have learned, traditional homemaking service just provides simple service for the family, if baby-sitter, hour is versed in,wait. What serve content and quality demand to homemaking as the dweller is ceaseless rise, the homemaking service nowadays is outspread already the square field surface that lives daily to masses, involve 20 many fields project of 200 many services. "The diversity that disparate arrangement of ideas serves, specialization, to homemaking service line of business brings vast development space. However at present homemaking industry still is faced with small, medicinal powder, weak situation, existence service market is not quite normative, groom the job does not reach the designated position, normative supervisory mechanism is short of break wait for a problem, cause contradiction of market supply and demand to highlight. The dweller cannot find homemaking service, dare not accept a service, and service company does not know who needs service, need again what service, what affected industry development and dweller service demand badly is contented. " giant spring say.
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