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Is baby-sitter error sent young female lentic this be punished?
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Update time: 2008-04-27 article origin: Internet author: Unspecified

"Error of the rich member that make the same score homemaking is sent young female death " case 2 careful were adjudged recently, final judgment of the 2nd intermediate court adjudicates Beijing rich smooth homemaking is compensated for because of employee unpremeditated crime young female parents 470 thousand yuan. Prep according to previous first instance east 530 thousand yuan compensation adjudicates town court of justice, 2 quadrangle reduce 100 thousand yuan spirit compensation it is 40 thousand yuan. (" new capital signs up for " on December 6)

This matter makes a many sound before 2 careful are sessional, the reason has 2: It is Beijing " skill of rich smooth profession grooms the school " and " service center of Fu Ping homemaking " it is the commonweal sex that by the good person of famous, distinguished economist Mr Mao Yushi Mr He Shangmin waits for a person to establish orgnaization, the woman that helps impoverished area technically comes Beijing obtain employment. 2 it is Mr Mao Yushi him gentleman is written on rich guest civil, replace rich smooth absolve with commonweal sex reason, say one adjudgement is Fu Ping definitely " unexpected disaster " , arouse the extensive controversy of public opinion.

Apparent, 2 careful of the court adjudicate (i.e. final judgment adjudicates) because,do not have Fu Ping " the purpose is exalted " commonweal reason is its absolve or reduce liability, I think this is legal maturity and the expression that reason returns to. Baby-sitter thunder lady and homemaking center signed the agreement that recruit. Center of rich smooth homemaking also admits, center every months to baby-sitter collection 50 yuan of administration fee. Accordingly, the court is not had in thunder lady walk on duty Fu Ping homemaking assumes ability act advocate duty do not have undeserved.

The reason that Mao Yushi's group decides to to first instance the court decision undertakes a:appellant is: "If form legal precedent,we worry about this case, a lot of people dare not enter homemaking industry, a lot of families also dare not employ homemaking clerk. This goes to the influence occupy a farmer to be versed in very one of, created opportunity of 15 million job, involve the development of the homemaking industry that lives to 60 million townsman. " Shang Min says, "The justice that we believe legislation " . (" southern on the weekend " on December 6)

Two distinguished economist stem from ego protection to explain for oneself, anybody can understand. But if try with the purpose exalted for evasive and specific law responsibility, having toing say is a gross understanding error. Analyse us to be able to discover slightly, real possibility affects homemaking course of study to develop, it is to be similar to this case to have mediumly anything but duty court decision, however homemaking company whether the service that provides safe, effective, high quality. If do not have this, just can cause company of peasant worker worker, employer, homemaking truly " 3 be defeated " situation. In fact, incident is here medium, did not feel when thing baby-sitter oneself should not be in charge of repeatedly, contrary, she feels after the accident in the heart very disturbed, want to commit suicide to atone by life with the life even. Respecting " unexpected disaster " , should be employer above all, it is to become thing clerk next, final ability is service center of rich smooth homemaking. That is to say, homemaking serves what the company can offer enough security, qualification to the clerk to groom, it is this industry whether the key that gets healthy, rapid development. If cannot, employer is a dangerous road with what employee can inspect.
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