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Homemaking serves a standard " each are politics "
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A three-year institution of higher learning that Xiaohe is strong this year finish school is unripe, good job was not found all the time in process of to apply for a job. At this moment, she thinks incoming Beijing applies for homemaking servive routine, nurse as a study professional student, xiaohe feels he does homemaking duty factor to have an advantage relatively, can wait for her to turn in Beijing talent market the discovery after circuit: Beijing serves personnel to having the demand of high level likewise to homemaking, this is a capital standard of place of first homemaking service " homemaking serves current requirement " .

According to deputy director general of bureau of Beijing business affairs Wangwei makes the same score the introduction, " homemaking serves current requirement " serve association to be made jointly by bureau of Beijing business affairs and Beijing homemaking, bureau of inspect of Beijing quality ability was released on January 11 this year, carry out formally on March 15. The standard makes clear a homemaking to serve quality cent to be first first, mix mediumly, high without the technology 4 grade, primary homemaking member should use kitchen burning gas to provide, electric meal Bao, can make two kinds of staple food; Intermediate should help a puerpera do body to restore to hold, say children's song to the infant, measure blood pressure to the patient, decoct makes Chinese herbal medicine; Advanced should the dish that two kinds of different course are cooking, make 5 Western-style food, be searched on the net and download a file to wait.

In the meantime, this standard still raised a requirement to homemaking enterprise, formulary homemaking enterprise needs to have not less than 100 thousand yuan enrollment capital. According to Beijing homemaking Li Dajing of service association chairman introduces, up to last year in August, beijing shares homemaking business 2954, but majority enterprise dimensions slants small, register capital to be in among them of 100 thousand yuan of above only 387, occupy 13% . "Current homemaking member basically be casual, material benefits of pay of skill of culture level, service, social security, wages is very low, due and relevant legislation establishs industry admittance system, each respect promotes pay on the foundation of doorsill of admittance of the member that raise homemaking. Additional, also want to have the system of evaluation rewards and punishment of legislative level to the enterprise, such ability are benign develop. " president of green homemaking company is giant in Beijing an ancient name for China spring say.

Li Dajing expresses, beijing promulgates executive homemaking to serve local standard to be not mandatory standard, rise to the industry only conduct action. According to the statistic of Beijing homemaking guild, the member that Beijing entered domestic homemaking directly 2006 is amounted to 280 thousand, year average breach is 2 ~ 30 thousand person. Beijing labor and skill of profession of social security bureau groom department concerned public figure thinks, publish a service the standard is short-term inside cannot see what makes progress probably, but long-term to the industry benign development has profit for certain.
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