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Carrying " lantern " look for baby-sitter
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Your strength is urgent, but the baby-sitter with a more impatient disposition came in the home unluckily; Hello the baby-sitter that carried a simple minded not easily, but what thing wants the other side,ground of your hand handle teachs; Hello not easy mix has taught her, she is likely moral character has some of problem again.

How to do? Then you have frequent substitution only. Then, n was changed to hold the post of baby-sitter like ocean wave in the home, but you always feel dissatisfactory. At this moment you just feel, carrying baby-sitter so also is big learned.

How be self-selection good baby-sitter? The advise others by using one's own experience of 10 employer adds us to measure a body to order for you those who do choose baby-sitter recipe, aid the baby-sitter that your winkle suits you most.

Dream dragon: Feel accordingly

Dream dragon employee of department of resource of manpower of 32 years old of foreign enterprises

Dream dragon becomes manpower resource in the foreign enterprise the job is old, seasoned. But she chooses baby-sitter for oneself is twist of all previous classics however, if wish,still discover talent finally accidentally. Among them her professional experience still helped.

"The company relies on system movement, a turnip a hole, the person still did not have about to had come down surely, picking a person also is to take go covering, the quadrature in the compasses in everything, it is without what individual be fond of inside, but look for an individual to be in the home, get along every day, can be disposition agree with each other the most important. Family and disaccord see disposition even is agree with each other! Look for an alien to come in but cannot careless, at the beginning I admit to look for disposition definitely good, had better do not have disposition. Had better do not have disposition..

The dream dragon of tall bridge of the nose, big eye very individualize, the baby-sitter small precious of her home is long with her be exactly the same, also be tall bridge of the nose, big eye, temperamental and uncommon, if not be dream dragon introduction, who holding the post of not to look to give small precious is baby-sitter.

"Be born from my daughter 5 years ago, our home uses nurse all the time. Do not have method, I and husband work must follow a drop, the old person also cannot be taken for a long time, change change bad also to the child. Change change bad also to the child..

Thenceforth rises, dream dragon began hardship " clean out " baby-sitter course. From inside practice summary gives a lot of valuable experience and lesson.
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