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Carry out employee to make tarry good baby-sitter
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Since this year Guangxi carries clerk of 10 thousand homemaking every year to Shenzhen, before the clerk already set out from Nanning a few days ago, 63 first homemaking seek job toward Shenzhen. After next Guangdong austral clerk of on 10 thousand homemaking, whether can you cause an effect to Guangxi homemaking market? The understanding after the reporter served the market to have seek by inquiry to Nanning city homemaking recently arrives, supply and demand of market of Nanning city baby-sitter already was in a kind to be out of line relatively at present condition, employer plaints the money that give is faster and faster, but still cannot find the baby-sitter that suits purpose, baby-sitter sighs however pay is lower and lower willing far attend a place far away form home " Pan Gaozhi " take high salary.

Employer headaches: Good baby-sitter searchs hard

Mention baby-sitter, ms. Chen that lives in courtyard of bureau of wide report of Guangxi of 7 stars road is not delighted. She says, be less than a month, 3 baby-sitter were changed in the home. The baby-sitter or that invite won't do even the meal, or is staring at a television every day, did not work a few days to ask she goes up salary. Ms. Chen says helplessly: "My demand is not actually high also, hope they had arranged a day of in the home 3 meal namely, domestic cleaning OK, but such baby-sitter seems to search very hard. " and Ms. Huang that in the area straight mechanism works says, oneself want to look for a baby-sitter that knows preschool education and science to distribute food to the child, the pay is some higher OK also, can run much home homemaking serves an orgnaization, also did not find appropriate.

In interview, the reporter often hears many citizens to complain say, the demand of baby-sitter and homemaking personnel is higher and higher now, what double cease day, overwork allowance, same cannot little. Most those who let person be unable to stand is salary the demand is higher and higher, the level that takes Guangdong at every turn will compare, "Baby-sitter searchs hard, good baby-sitter searchs harder " .

Baby-sitter complains: Salary is too little the person is difficult serve

The reporter understands, appear from 2006 " baby-sitter barren " hind, the pay pay of Nanning homemaking personnel rises ceaselessly, at present monthly pay is in commonly 600 yuan of above, some families open a monthly pay even 2000 yuan pay. Salary is high, why does the citizen still feel baby-sitter searchs hard? Company of a few homemaking thinks generally, the reason is many sided, homemaking market supply is not worth originally, and the graduate of old technical secondary school that has certain record of formal schooling does not wish to be engaged in homemaking servive routine, to bias of homemaking job hold.

Happy full family serves Nanning city Xu Bin of president of 2 duty officer weighs controller of liability limited company, Nanning, prices rises now, add baby-sitter itself to groom through major, to the expectation of pay the value increases, a lot of homemaking member no longer the monthly pay before full enough 600 yuan pay, requirement 800 yuan of above. And the standard of living with Nanning, the employer of this locality is not willing to provide such treatment mostly. Both sides is worth to the expectation of pay have difference, the more inaccessible relation that use worker worker.
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