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Baby-sitter, baby-sitter, how " be short of " word Oh!
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Yesterday, miss Zhang of the urban district is in QQ group on begin to chatter: The housekeeper in the home says is busy season came home these days, add money to also be used without giving thought to. Nobody helps do chore, how does this time pass? But she is on the net cry out a long time, also introduce a baby-sitter for her without the person. Just experienced the Spring Festival " baby-sitter barren " , the homemaking market of at present was immersed in same awkwardness again. Face a lot of families to search be less than appropriate baby-sitter and the current situation of can find no way out, how to solve " baby-sitter barren " it is worth while to become our soul-searching question.

Before a few days, mr. Xu of center of homemaking of urban the North sea at the same time busy move recieves a guest that comes round to search baby-sitter, accept a fact helplessly at the same time: A lot of baby-sitter in the urban district begin to cleared away travelling bag to come home again. "Busy season, collect tea, dig bamboo shoot... baby-sitter is more little. " Mr. Xu says, will sign up usually of requirement dry-nurse less than wanting before, asked person is much, the person that do is little, demand exceeds supply. But now " baby-sitter barren " highlighted again, estimate and " labor contract law " cost of the labor after carrying out was increased about.

Go up in urban resurgence road " magpie bridge intermediary " golden master, experiencing the contradiction with baby-sitter and employer lopsided supply and demand likewise. He still is opposite up to now this year the Spring Festival " baby-sitter barren " scene remain fresh in one's memory: Await in those days, employer drives the high price that gave 100 yuan one day even, but although such, many families still can be employed because of having baby-sitter and can find no way out. "Have two time, one is the Spring Festival, one is now. Now just is to collect ' head tea ' when, ' head tea ' the price is very high, the tea this year because heavy snow price is higher, subsequently baby-sitter is in short supply. Subsequently baby-sitter is in short supply..

In fact, although a lot of respects think way in cudgel one's brains for now, make up for baby-sitter to come home those who cause is vacant. If come off sentry duty of collect of a few community is unemployed example is personnel, housewife act as " homemaking member " , still have a few employer not only the pay that raises baby-sitter, return promise to celebrate a festival to include red package to baby-sitter... but how from go up at all resolve baby-sitter troop the question with not stable, big fluidity, still be the proposition that at present homemaking market remains to defeat solution.

"My individual thinks, the problem goes to go up in the quality of baby-sitter oneself above all, wait to still reach the designated position not quite like the level of professional morality, culture, basic technical ability that masters homemaking. Some baby-sitter should not answer this job thing, thinking is temporarily. " a few staff member analysises that undertake homemaking say, baby-sitter is in short supply phenomenal backside, those who expose is whole baby-sitter team devoid management, leave one's post too free current situation. This among them the most crucial is how to let baby-sitter be on professionalism road, and will bring into professionalism management. So, want to manage good baby-sitter, it is education on one hand, can come through labor department on the other hand settle accounts, of normative baby-sitter leave one's post behavior.
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