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Homemaking personnel health supervises blank
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Update time: 2008-04-09 article origin: Author of urban evening paper: Unspecified

Report from our correspondent as people living standard rise and of life rhythm accelerate, ask homemaking personnel to do housework to had comparatived alive general. Cannot be competent from oneself " the skill is lively " can be competent to oneself however of art of lack of spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else " effort is vivid " , a lot of families entrust homemaking to serve personnel to do sth for sb, and homemaking personnel health is concerning to be hospitaled nurse directly the person's health. But personnel of Jilin city homemaking does not have healthy card and the phenomenon of mount guard is relatively common.

Baby-sitter health concerns to be hospitaled nurse the person is healthy

Jilin city citizen high mountain the gentleman's mother this year already 85 years old, aged put oneself in another's position is weak. As a result of high mountain the gentleman often is away on official business, cannot attend maternal life. Before 3 months, he asked a housekeeper to homemaking company. But on March 28 in the middle of the night, baby-sitter is abrupt and convulsive, was in high mountain on the body of gentleman mother. Wait for baby-sitter to restore to come over, just know she suffers from epileptic Bo to recall the scene at that time, high mountain the gentleman returns one's heart still fluttering with fear. As we have learned, homemaking serves main target to be the group with the younger resistance such as children, pregnant woman and old person more, if make they and the person that have contagion long-term contact, sequential meeting is unimaginable. Accordingly, some employer are asking nowadays when homemaking personnel, raise check-up or the requirement that offer healthy proof.

No matter homemaking company is healthy card

The reporter understands in interview, domestic employ baby-sitter is to pass homemaking company commonly. On April 11, the reporter visited company of a homemaking. The staff member says: "Handle healthy card, who does employ to do. " introduce according to the personage inside course of study, although baby-sitter has healthy card, also be which hospital leave have, still have hospital of villages and towns even. Essential guarantee against baby-sitter health condition.

Ms. Zhang that lives in peach source village says to the reporter, neighbour introduction comes to the baby-sitter of her home. The problem that has healthy card or healthy case also feels embarrassed ask. As we have learned, personnel of employer employ homemaking does chore now, want clean diligent to go only, other issues did not think too much.
Homemaking personnel health supervises blank

The reporter interviewed Jilin city sanitation to supervise place subsequently. A staff member says, basis " Food Sanitation Law " , " public wholesome regulation " wait for code to set, must handle healthy card what feed the industry such as recreation of wholesale and category production, retail, meal from personnel of course of study. Although at present homemaking personnel has not been brought into,must handle card range, but according to working property, mount guard also should have checkup. Although more and more people realize homemaking personnel to should handle healthy card now, but because at present national laws and regulations returns the rigid that must not hold healthy card about homemaking personnel mount guard,set, although have a regulation, as a result of characteristic of homemaking personnel industry, supervise execute the law sectional government rises to also have difficulty.
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