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The insurance manage money matters of family of nonlocal census register plans
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Bark lady the 1020 law with a deposit safe basis of 100 thousand yuan of RMB (year of gross income of 10 times do keep the specified number, year of gross income of 20% use at the family to ensure plan) , the charge of defray is 28800 yuan is certain upper limit. So 70 thousand yuan of or so another deposit can be done put surely in installment, cent is 12, according to every 6000 yuan standard, every month retains trait, every month has lady of the bark after a year brushstroke bank time deposit expires. When needing money, do not need become current regularly, cause the loss of accrual, and prevent the shift on bank interest, finally, such turn regularly the charm that puts OK also and sufficient body to show compound interest, it is way of a kind of good conduct financial transactions.

The husband: Investment of plan of endowment insurance of accident and major disease is linked together insurance premium of insurance plan exempt

Explanation: Accident insurance keeps the specified number 1 million, charge 396 yuan of RMBs, major disease is add in provide for the aged safeguard plans or investment is linked together in insurance plan, can leave out one share charge, endowment insurance is to did not decide must defray, need is taken with certain kind also want to buy so. Bark lady prepares to buy a car, invest money in investing concatenate insurance to be able to win taller get one's own back, with the loss of quits loan interest rate. Additional, investment is linked together insurance still has a characteristic, the part extracts what do not receive any poundage, with this OK and contented demand that buy a car. When exempt insurance premium basically shows misfortune happening is accident, mr Zhao need not be handed in again and can continue to enjoy the benefit that should get.

Wife: Safeguard of 500 thousand yuan of provide for the aged plans accident insurance a major disease is add expenses of an exempt insurance.

Explanation: The domestic responsibility of the wife is relatively a few less, can decrease accordingly keep the specified number.

The child: Educational foundation adds exempt of insurance of aggravating big disease.

Explanation: Teaching fund is certain expenses, want to be obtained with certain kind, major disease because a lot of major diseases are at present young,basically change, had better consider ahead of schedule, accident insurance can be united through the school buy, the organization is bought a lot of more favourable on cost rate.

Financial standing analysis: From look on the whole, bark lady has already " spend the money tomorrow, round today's dream " new idea of conduct financial transactions, undertook stock and fund invest appropriately again, profitability of give attention to two or morethings and safe sex, it is astute investor. But, still put in behavior of blind conduct financial transactions on a few link, did not hold well to accrual and risk. Above all ought not to the deposit of 1/3 devoted bank of will total assets, and safe without any commerce, to domestic manage money matters it is a very large financial hole.
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