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Leave moon does person having money
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Update time: 2008-04-27 article origin: Capital times author: Unspecified

Reporter: Gao Chen

1 reduce expenditure opens case of moon a group of things with common features the source is accumulated again

Case: Mr Shen of 28 years old, bank software engineer, lone, have bank deposit 20000 yuan, average month income 6000 yuan, every months of life pays expenses 1500 yuan, return a room to borrow 3000 yuan, human association fee every months 1000 yuan, basic be a standard " moon gens " . The unit is offerred " 3 danger one gold " . Parents is short-term inside need not take care of.

Directive expert: Grand of Liu of division of conduct financial transactions of banking of branch of Nanjing of bank of Chinese the people's livelihood

Plan of conduct financial transactions: Liu Hao expresses, every months of steady income and very little family responsibility, make Mr Shen makes a typical case " moon a group of things with common features " . Although oneself and parents all have basic safeguard and insurance, without trouble back at home, but marry after a few years, the room is borrowed, economic burden will be aggravating. In the meantime, only every months 500 yuan fortune is accumulated, to the huge outlay after a few years, apparent misgivings.

Above all Mr Shen answers " reduce expenditure " , increase deposit proportion, take income at least 30% above, the other spending outside borrowing the room every months namely is controlled as far as possible in 1200 yuan of less than. It is next " open a source " , compose builds fund to invest combination. Bear as a result of Mr Shen risk capability is stronger, combine current prices, proposal its the stock of capital invest in of 70% fund, bond of 30% invest in fund, best choice grows actively kind stock fund and fund of market of old brand currency. According to current market level, the investment of Mr Shen is integrated year accrual can be amounted to 8% the left and right sides. Pass 5 years of successive accumulate and invest, anticipate prospective capital total will be controlled in 160 thousand yuan, enough pays a period room the money, compose builds his warmth is small. Finally, although the unit is offerred " 3 danger one gold " , still suggest Mr Shen that regards a family as main income source buys a place difficult of access of a birthday, ensure Mr Shen is in the domesticity when producing an unforeseen event is insusceptible, particular insurance amount wants a foundation " survivor demand way " affirmatory.

White-collar of parental representative money is entered no longer not apply goes out

Nowadays " lone lose a group of things with common features " gianter and gianter, these " moon a group of things with common features " white-collar normally income does not poor, but often still enter not apply goes out. Many moon a group of things with common features mirror to the reporter, hit oneself had credit card, put no less than money every months, want to be able to brush card brush card only, just discover to reimbursement day, pay is full reimbursement, essential assemble does not leave money. To answer this one phenomenon effectively, appeared in these lone white-collar crowds nowadays way of a kind of new conduct financial transactions, that is by parents for you conduct financial transactions.
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