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Domestic manage money matters is politic
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In traditional idea idea of China, economic income of the husband is higher than the wife. Nowadays, wife income compares the man's tall family there are plenty of such people. Compatriots play call such family " poor man of high pay madam " , call the the female sex " salary is good " madam. However, regard a profession as female and mother, more than 30 years old " salary is good " the madam is in bring good-paying for the family, bear tremendous profession pressure while, still must divide understand without being told to consider his child, like often feeling oneself resemble wirewalking, be hard between family and career evenly. In struggling contradictorily, regard Gao Zhi as the female " salary is good " the madam chooses to return to a family, made " new full-time wife " , abandoning what working circumstance issues utmost taking care of a family.

The family of poor man of high pay wife that Liu Xue and Li Hui are nowadays. Li Hui works in mechanism, the income of every month is before duty 4000 yuan, and the selling manager that Liu Xue holds the position of Guangzhou area in a foreign enterprise, every month income amounts to 8500 yuan, double just be Li Hui. For this, li Hui often makes fun of snow saying Liu is " salary is good " madam, and oneself are a poor man.

Liu Xue and bigger than oneself husband Li Hui of a year old is college fellow student, two people are a pair of lovers during the university. 1994, the Liu Xue after undergraduate course graduates and Li Hui went to Guangzhou together the college becomes a teacher. After a lot of people work, home continues to assiduously study a Master at that time, liu Xue and Li Hui also are discussing to work a few years first, preparation continues to read after a bit saving. Then, postnuptial Liu snow and Li Hui worked at the same time 1996 put money, review at the same time for reference. 1998, liu Xue is taken an examination of attended college of Guangzhou some key. After a year, li Hui also took an examination of this university.

After Master Liuxue graduated 2001, she what like a challenge did not return college teach school again, arrived however a foreign enterprise makes a sale. In a short year, of Liu Xue mix conscientiously clever got get one's own back, year of income of the first year achieved 100 thousand yuan. 2002, after Li Hui graduates entered mechanism smoothly to work. March 2002 portion, the 3 rooms that the Liu Xue that had certain stockpile was in the garden of rich Li Qianxi of sea bead area to mortgage a 90 square metre two hall, make the for 430 thousand yuan room after folding. Head pay two add jacket to repair into 90 thousand yuan, saving of the first year spends Liu Xue 120 thousand yuan, additional extroversion bank borrows money 340 thousand yuan, the month is offerred it is 2200 yuan, mortgage 20 years.
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