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Bedding bag of room city, stock market 4 action " dish bird " solution is covere
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Leading role

Lose money in business of boss of building materials inn is managed

Li Sheng this year 40 years old, it is the boss of inn of a building materials, now estate market callback, business depression, be in lose money in business to run state at present. The madam becomes full-time housewife in the home, have a son of 5 years old. Li Sheng family has 5 houses, the month offers about 8000 yuan, loan remaining sum is 1.3 million.

Divide from housing besides, house property of the others quadruplet is current market prise 4 million the left and right sides, except a value 900 thousand house property already bought 5 years outside, the others fixed number of year is in 2~4 year between.

Because the business is bad to do not have profit income, at present Li Sheng family has amount every months only 6000 yuan 3 chummage income. These hire income, just deal with quite 3 every months of 6000 yuan maintenance. But, besides basic life expense, they the house that every month still has high specified number borrows need to repay. Because did not have income source, can take money to come out to return a room to borrow from original deposit only. At present the family accumulates the current deposit that has 1 million. Ever took share of the oil in 300 thousand investment last year, but drop greatly because of the stock market, bedding bag is at present firm, cutting sb in two at the waist passes half, market prise only more than yuan 100 thousand.

Ensure a respect, 3 bought major disease insurance and accident a place difficult of access, each each 200 thousand keep the specified number. Respect of year income and expenses, they are only and annual 5000 yuan of interest income that be less than, but defray includes a family defray of defray of more than yuan 20 thousand birthday danger insurance cost, more than yuan 10 thousand car danger insurance cost (two cars) , and after passing an expense to make an appointment with 20 thousand yuan or so too, brushstroke Zhang calculates come down, every spend a gender year after year " be in debt " be in 50 thousand yuan.

Raise action

House property of the stock that move a storehouse " decrease a pound "

With Li Sheng's current family financial standing, investment of trade deficit, stock suffers a defeat, burden of many house property is heavier, into not apply goes out, be in the condition of unbalance of income and expenses, if stem not in time financial flaw, with respect to risk of likelihood occurrence finance affairs.

Way one: Move Cang Chao to drop pannikin is blue chip

As a result of in oil dish the area is too large, and pull one hair to the index and use the whole body, it is difficult to rebound, proposal attune storehouse is changed, change a few exceed dropping pannikin apparently blue chip, once have,rebound prices appears, rebound the meeting is relatively quick.
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