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Tycoon godchild, each have wise move
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─ of ─ of Watson of the president before IBM plans " money " Cheng. Conduct financial transactions must want to accomplish know fairly well, the program is good the target of own conduct financial transactions, plan. Watson of the president before IBM asks clearly his son from on rise when junior high school, want to make plan of weekly pin money pay, target of income and expenses, make the son is established as a child removed commercial consciousness, also became the presiding apparitor of IBM company finally, convention of good conduct financial transactions created its brilliant outstanding achievement.

Luo Kefei straps financial group author to make an appointment with writing. ─ ─ cherishs Luokefeile " hard cash " . Money if earn won't be cherished too easily, reasonable money is so medium, feel this Qian Laizhi is not easy in the heart, be " hard cash " , can add fully cherish. American the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces overcomes phenanthrene to strap the author of financial group to make an appointment with writing. When Luokefeile arrives 16 years old, him determination does poineering work, make great efforts how does research become rich, but manage hard however a main threads of an affair. He sees a alleging suddenly on newspaper is to get rich the book of recipe, bought hastily, open look, whole book imprints only have " you all money regard as ' hard cash ' " these a few words, his suddenly see the light, deep feeling myriad, regard these a few words as ask word grandson offspring is remembered well like ancestor example.

The United States " steely king " Carnegie ─ ─ affection is consummate. The United States " steely king " once said to his child: "Money cannot change feeling. " he thinks: "If I am special easy, give you a lot of money, then you may retain my money only, cannot remember my this individual however. If I am special door of dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed, the likelihood also cannot get you the feeling to me, so I aux would rather some more floriferous time cares you, develop the attachment between person and person. Because be before care, money appears helpless. You should be remembered well can move most of mercantile heart is the price not just, sentient still. Sentient still..

─ of ─ of Boeing of Boeing company author is abandoned old change new. A lot of people cherish sth of little value only because it is own, think so managing can be economical. Boeing of author of American Boeing company says to his children however: "Old do not go, new do not come, if you have the desire that buys new thing, you have the power that works desperately, refuse old stuff can stimulate people to create wealth morely instead. Refuse old stuff can stimulate people to create wealth morely instead..

The father ─ ─ that author of Suo Ni company fills Tian Zhaofu careful calculation and strict budgeting. Some parents are afraid that the child acquires the abuse of corrupt money greatly, do not let the child touch the limit of money, such in the society that is full of competition and risk " pure " be washed out very easily, the key is pair of children how to teach in beautiful money side. Author of Suo Ni company fills cropland when Zhao Fugang is sensible, its father admonishs him: "You are a medium cornstalk, rice wine business of future. " fill Tian Zhaofu to produce heir to foster with respect to home be regardinged as as a child, gradually know a thing or two, deal everywhere careful calculation and strict budgeting, become eventually later big implement.
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