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Build perfect marriage through conduct financial transactions
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Go up in book and in theater, a kind of optimist to monetary not care a cent brought a lot of joke to us. The young bride that allows him when David Kebofeier is much more graceful when the plan pays expenses, much more graceful begin pouty act like a spoiled child, appear those who go out is a lovely and moving part. Immortal famous book " live together with father " also we are loved, the depict in the book mother the domestic budget every month agitate gets chaos, often happen for this matter contend for battle, but, in mother's day that day, father showed best demeanour. Still have, waste Mr Maikebai of by nature, also became one of parts that the person allows to love on literary history in Di Gengsi's the wording and purpose of what one writes.

Pretty good, the absorbing irresponsible part in the novel, also can have attractive character normally. But, in actual life, cannot the person of sound plan income cannot provoking laugh. He is the adventurer of a failure; Her luxury waste, muddleheaded, it is the heavy burden that is circled on marital neck, do not talk to go up at all moving. The loss on property is far than other issues more make a person sad, more let a person be fed up with.

Present prices rose, standard of living also rose, the child goes to school the cost of need becomes more high. Our money compared with 10 years before, not, the thing that buys 5 years ago even, want a lot of less. Wife people the challenge that those who face is a disproportionate, must use those fund carefully.

Perhaps somebody thinks, want to increase our income only, all vexed metropolises are solved subsequently. But, economist tells us, the viewpoint of this widespread presence is wrong. Huanamoke and the finance affairs of Jim Bell department store are advisory, aierxi Sitaipulaidui thinks: The income of major person increases, often meet those who cause expense increase.

When I am data of this book collect, saw the good book that concerns about the family originally accidentally. Although the author is a whole nation's famous psychologist, but he appears none witting how to handle domestic budget, this has to say is a special defect. He says: "If why treat domestic income, it is a very simple question actually. When no more than is rich floriferous, when doing not have money little flower. When doing not have money little flower..

His theory is simple really, and there is a kind of free and easy temperament in the word, make the person remembers those extravagant and attractive people in the novel not only. But, when us static next hearts will think carefully, just feel something wrong strong. This kind of his practice, did not treat oneself income well completely namely. Do not have calculated to pay expenses, mean everybody to share your income possibly, include business of dish dealer, biscuit to still electric equipment distributors is waited a moment. Montreal bank of Canada advises a client, want to learn wisely consumption, receive brushstroke big income suddenly in them especially when.
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