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10 problems that domestic manage money matters must ponder over
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The first problem: The fundamental of domestic manage money matters

Say the rationale of conduct financial transactions of excellent front courtyard, what should understand above all is, conduct financial transactions is one " read aloud probably " , the economy that in living daily with us, says has certain distinction. For instance: Investment is not equal to conduct financial transactions, but conduct financial transactions includes investment, investment is the main component of conduct financial transactions; Add close cut down expense to not be equal to conduct financial transactions, but conduct financial transactions is included add close cut down expense; Domestic finance affairs plans to not be equal to conduct financial transactions, but conduct financial transactions includes domestic finance affairs to plan. Anyhow, the connotation of domestic manage money matters is very rich, extension is extremely wide also extensive, it involves the square respect area that to the family all members live. Should understanding next is, domestic manage money matters is the financial arrangement of perforative individual lifetime. Through analysing domestic financial standing and life situation, the risk bears ability, targets of all sorts of conduct financial transactions (include short, medium, long-term goal and end of individual, combination to wait) etc, after that the financial arrangement that formulate gives to match with domestic lifecycle photograph, the freedom that appeal family person gets on to achieve finance affairs finally, own, comfortable and hard. The 3rd even clear is, domestic manage money matters is only come true very hard in order to rely on the individual's effort, the outside force of orgnaization of finance of need have the aid of and division of conduct financial transactions, duty Wu division, lawyer and outside head. The 4th even clear is, what conduct financial transactions goes after is the balance of the income of lifetime and defray, targets of any medium, short-term, single goal should serve the arrangement of conduct financial transactions at lifetime.

The 2nd problem: Domestic financial management

Domestic financial management is a big science, it involves the square respect area of domesticity likewise. It is good at doing to have keep in mind the personage of domestic manage money matters, answer above all from proceed with of domestic financial management, insist to record Zhang of good family income and expenses, learn and master knowledge of financial accounting, every month, income and expenses that wants pair of him families every year at least makes a budget. Use the financial accounting knowledge that oneself master, processing good income, consumption and investment 3 person the allocation between concerns. According to oneself value orientaton, the risk bears ability, lifecycle of domestic finance affairs, it is to should seek the way that increases income; 2 it is to should have handled the heavy goods such as daily consumption and housing consumption, education spending, car consumption to consume the relation between; 3 it is to want decision-making good alternative what investment tool and arrangement scale of what kind of investment.
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