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My Yo experience of conduct financial transactions
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When knowing oneself are pregnant, I am faced with a graduate student to graduate, the husband is preparing to read a doctor. I am determined to want to be born the child, appeared for this a lot of dramatic appearance. Below the help of a lot of people, I was holding out pregnant to finish graduation to rejoin, just passed in January, the child was born, child strong a baby's completion of its first month of life, I reported for duty.

The local income that goes to work in those days is inferior, only 1000 yuan, jiashangzhangfu's scanty doctor is subsidiary, year income only 30 thousand yuan. Place of staff of a lot of close friends, leadership describes no less than, we were immersed in predicament very quickly in, the expenditure with chummage gas water and electricity took income in part, the Qian Ganggang that remain has a meal quite. Fortunately the child is mother milk feed, save not only left milk powder money, return not very to fall ill.

Wait for the child when 6 months, the unit rents my house, but because leave place going to work far, can ask an individual to look after children only, such nurse moneys, chummage, have a meal to spend our not much income completely.

Press the opinion of extremely most person, do not talk to go up at all below this kind of state of conduct financial transactions. And we are beginning to intervene conduct financial transactions plans accidentally of purpose however in.

The first, account of domestic income and expenses

Be born from the child, we begin to remember account book of domestic income and expenses. My individual thinks, the key that this is plan of conduct financial transactions one pace, the bosom friend tells the other, ability achieves have a well-thought-out plan, ability emerges victorious in every battle.

Just beginning basically is domestic expenditure, this month income how many, how much to spend; Expand as what our conduct financial transactions plans later, revise the ground to add an item ceaselessly, borrow contrast of profit of balance of bankbook management, income and expenses, insurance, room management is brought into etc among them, refine ceaselessly. For example expenditure, cent is purchased into the supermarket, card of cost of chummage, water, report, gas, book, toy, dress, mobile phone, IP, amuse oneself, electric equipment, furniture, traffic waits ten a moment. These work, we use Excel file record, management, analysis on the computer that buys after the child is born. Hold to several years, discover these data are very useful, can plan to control a venture for domestic manage money matters.

The 2nd pace, safe

We begin to consider to be sure, this basically is us the income circumstance place at that time decides. Differ with other parent, we think, because income is low, just bear without ability the wants to be less than blow of a few accidents. We are in child a week when year old, bought major disease to be sure to him (keep the specified number 50 thousand yuan of) , after waiting for the nursery school on the child, learn equal a place difficult of access with respect to what joined school organization (contain be in hospital) with coadjutant fund of a serious illness. Give the child the assurance of the choice, basically be consideration disease and accident. We did not resemble a lot of parents in that way, by agent " flicker " move bought educational danger and a place difficult of access of share out bonus, advocate if consideration insurance cost is too high (10 thousand ~ 20 thousand yuan of) , the proportion that takes domestic income is too large, profit of gives share out bonus compares active bank interest rate merely tall 0.2% ~ 0.5% , and at that time the accrual after the duty of the bank only 1.6%(a year period) , belong to low interest rate to run level, buy the long-term risk that keeps the specified number high at this moment (20 years of) , risk coefficient is too big.
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