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Just got child couple how conduct financial transactions
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 Conduct financial transactions case

Mr Zhang asks: I and madam Shenyang lady are the closest Xi Delin. I this year 34 years old, it is director of sale of some estate company, year income is controlled 150 thousand yuan, hope the danger outside caring about and major disease respect are strengthened somewhat. The madam is 30 years old, it is language of some state-operated business member, year income 40 thousand yuan, hope in medical treatment respect of insurance and female disease strengthens safeguard. The son just was born a month, also hope to be able to give him a better safeguard.

New York of Er of sea of expert of conduct financial transactions is life-insurance company director Liu desire: Regard domestic economy as pillar considering Mr Zhang, combine current situation of Mr Zhang family, suggest Mr Zhang buys the insurance that can provide high specified number to ensure. It is accident risk safeguard is 500 thousand yuan above all, reflect the life dignity of Mr Zhang, the upkeep that brushstroke can offer to stabilize to the family after if produce accident die,assuring Mr Zhang at the same time is used; In addition, fund of major disease medical treatment 300 thousand yuan, below the circumstance that domestic deposit is not employing after ensuring Mr Zhang is like unfortunate meet with to contract major disease, can accept favorable sickness treatment. Finally, the medical treatment outside adding with special care submits an expense account 5000 yuan / second, allowance of medical treatment of be in hospital everyday 100 yuan, produce the income loss during expense and be in hospital with making up for occurrence contingency.

In same design train of thought falls to make following safeguard to Ms. Shen: Fund of major disease medical treatment 300 thousand yuan, the female is great fund of sickness medical treatment 100 thousand yuan, charge of medical treatment of be in hospital 6000 yuan / second, allowance of medical treatment of be in hospital everyday 100 yuan.

Below the case that in educational expenses tall house does not leave, be a child to do good education to plan ahead of schedule is the parent answer duty, the safeguard that reason devises for Mr Zhang child is as follows: For the child preparative campus gold arrives 21 years old from 18 years old, get twelve thousand five hundred yuan every year, enjoy 100 thousand yuan of life to ensure gold to 28 years old from 18 years old at the same time, when the son full when 28 years old, can get gold of time-expired buy course of study about 100 thousand yuan. Still enjoy immunity advantage as policy-holder, additional because fall ill charge of medical treatment of be in hospital 2000 yuan / second, allowance of be in hospital everyday 30 yuan.

Afore-mentioned Mr Zhang families ensure Home Jin Weiquan integratedly year 20% of income, such already can avoid risk, also can deposit and investment, satisfy a variety of requirement of the family thereby.
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