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Teach you the 6 great secret of success of house home be economical
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1. never costs more than inside the envelope total amount the money of 80% : Manage envelope system economy, namely every month puts the money in the home into each envelope, use at buying food, dress, benzine to wait respectively, and do not spend the forehead to cross an envelope forever inside total amount the money of 80% . Paid basic expenses not only so, still can save next brushstroke money.

2. every month shops only: What buy because of rambling many calm meeting is much, many what buy.

3. Shop must in a planned way: Shop to be equal to deposit to sentence capital punishment without the plan. Want every months to make detailed and sound shopping plan according to the need in the home, want to shift to an earlier date to had devised the menu of every meal even, write this getting on in Zhang.

4. Buy festal goods ahead of schedule: Should be bought ahead of schedule and lay in place of a few festivals to need, in case the festival rises in price.

5. Clever use shopping privilege: A lot of bazaar can roll out privilege, must compare repeatedly, buy next needs goods with best method.

6. Ahead of schedule the budget does not establish danger wall: If do not shift to an earlier date budget, be immersed in another economy predicament possibly from a financial crisis.

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