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The domino effect of domestic manage money matters
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China has a common saying, say very reasonably: All things start is bad.

No matter be the holiday is cleared away,clean a house, still plan to keep a post, perhaps start oneself career, walk out of the first pace, it is special key is very important, also often be the most difficult. Wanted to overcome this phase only, the development from the back, natural meeting success will come when conditions are ripe, spread out smoothly.
Calculate failure this, want to be able to learn progress from which only, next successful, when also be not far.

Why is business circles personage valued so called " the first pail of gold " ? Also be same argument. The result that no matter you are in,is in business how, how many of gain gain, the key depended on you striding difficult the first situation, absorb experience to teach a lesson from which, to try to find right way the next time. Once open light to think the deadlock that does not do, resembled opening the entrance door that the bound comes out outside be being led to together, perhaps be about to discover another wide world.

Domestic manage money matters, nothing more than broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure. The commonnest accumulation gimmick, it is to put money: Put wage -- every month puts wage. Won't you tell me to say you never had put money? That but bad, young when nurturance deposit habit, not only it is the consent that gives oneself, also be training money business, accumulate the basic measure of fortune. The deposit means with labour optimum firewood, I consider as 0 put whole take, time and mensurable, have the law very much, the process of many a little makes a mickle also makes a person get accomplishing feeling: )

Through the primitive accumulation of period of time, became Xiaofu's father in law (wealthy old woman) later, can begin to consider to pass other investment measures to realize the rise in value of fortune. Besides the bank deposit of yield on the low side, at present common channel still has the kind such as fund of treasury, money, stock, estate. Need to take out the drive that studied at this moment, search to fit oneself investment direction definitely, learn frequently to agree to ask, let oneself become " amateurish expert " , this is pair of winning aspects: Fortune and intellectual advance side by side- do two or more things at once: )

Besides the number on bankbook, consider to resist even the ability of the risk. Do not perfect in medical treatment system, the China with social security insufficient level, the hardship consciousness of be prepared for danger in times of safety, also be very important. Tung of lotus of this respect whiteness child it is genuine professional personage, money is friendly people the problem can seek advice to Ta. Believe regular meeting solves Ta patiently: )

The investment in the life and conduct financial transactions, be like a string of domino, want to take care to had discharged the position of each pieces of card above all, do not let bad be used to the arduous effort before finish; It is to choose right turn to be pushed gently next -- -- wait for the beautiful pattern that sees you expect.
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