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Conduct financial transactions: How be the child sound investment
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As people living standard rise ceaselessly, have a child only plus most family, be willing to part with or use gives the child beautiful money parents, so spend money for the child, how to just calculate a flower to get reasonable, get effective big, be afraid most parent considers Debuduo. To make the child's investment obtains the result of get twice the result with half the effort, the parent should consider range of following a few investment:

1, recreation invests.

For the infant period the child spends money, answer to consider amusement above all. Want to be able to make the child buoyant only, play happily, money gets a value with respect to the flower. This includes to look after children go park, zoo, pleasure ground, and see show and travel wait.

2, intellective investment.

To the infant period the child buys a few edificatory model a miniature reproduction of a painting of toy, literacy, the publication of intellectual intelligence reference books with material taken from various sources and arranged according to subjects that buys graph Wen Bingmao to some more largish child, and Chinese checkers, chess, map, tellurion. Conditional family still can buy the news that has content of science and education to resemble product.

3, aesthetic education invests.

Let the child accept beautiful edification as a child, to fetal buy tape of prenatal education music, buy electronic musical instrument to cheeper. Below the condition that allows in domestic economy condition, the interest according to children and endowment can buy favorite musical instrument to its. Often look after children the exhibition such as visiting brushwork, sculpture, photography.

4, sports invests.

To make appearance of child constitution health, body beautiful, can buy the sports weapon that suits with child age photograph, be like rubber ball, skip, badminton, pulling force implement, football, basketball.

5, the investment that develops labor mastery of a skill or technique.

Love skill of the habit of labor and work to rear the child as a child, can buy urine bucket, small shovel to wait to cheeper.

The likelihood has some of parent to be put to these investment have doubt, but from long-term look, its accrual is inestimable, and early investment is better than late investment.

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