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Charge to an account is the start of domestic manage money matters
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As corporeal fortune accumulate ceaselessly, a lot of people realize the value that conduct financial transactions plans, but a lot of people plan in to how be done good economy again be anxious. If do not know how to do really, that begins from charge to an account!

To realize life happiness the target serves conduct financial transactions. The person's desire is boundless, but practicable resource is finite. Say from this meaning, the key of conduct financial transactions is how to accept or reject, and charge to an account should solve this difficult problem.

Financial standing of income and expenses is the base that reachs goal of conduct financial transactions. Where is the financial standing that how understands oneself? Charge to an account is a tweak. Each income that chases him record and defray, make pool in every moon base, as time passes, right oneself financial standing know sth like the palm of one's hand.

In the meantime, charge to an account still can make an analysis to his defray, understanding what defray is indispensible, what defray is dispensable, thereby more plan expenditure reasonably. "Moon a group of things with common features " if can learn charge to an account, believe bottom of every month in and month out, also won't again one day seems like a year.

Chase note Zhang, be done or have a bit difficulty. Had entered now " brush card " times, of credit card gain ground solved a lot of problems. When daily consumption, can use credit card, brush calorie of consumption as far as possible, will can be absolved those who carry a large number of ready money is disturbing, a travelling trader working on his own of 2 bank month form that will can be passed every months help charge to an account.

Additional, when expenses expenses, did not forget to ask for bill, will can protect oneself rights and interests better, 2 will can chase a pen to check when charge to an account. Should happen big trade, and when taking bill in time, make a record in time in memorandum please, in case time grew to forget.

Charge to an account just starts, it is to make good budget better. Because domestic income is main fixed, because this family budget basically makes good expenditure budget namely. Expenditure budget is divided again for controallable budget and cannot control a budget, cost of such as chummage, utility, room borrows accrual to wait is to cannot control a budget. The fee such as family expenses of every months, intercourse, traffic can charge, want to plan well to these defray, spend money reasonably, economically, the surplus stability that makes every months can be used at investment is in same standard, such ability achieve goal of conduct financial transactions quicker and efficiently.

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