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Super plute teachs children economy so
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On March 6, 2004, if the Brazilian heats up · expensive Nuo to be in the Brazilian Riode Janeiro that once belonged to him luxurious Kepakabana palace restaurant dies. The flower became smooth father builds up from nothing the expensive Nuo that earns the family property of 2 billion dollar that come, the black sheep that stayed to stun the world is enunciative: "The recipe of happy life is go up not to take money one minute personally when die, but my computation is wrong, spend money prematurely smooth. " the household company that this affirmation gives the world that begins to consider successor issue each country is knocked noisy write down quite some " horrible " colorific alarm bell.

The Hong Kong August is scorching, this month greets busy Hong Kong stock exchange a batch of special visiting clients, although their all is in 27 years old the following, even some is teen-age high school student only, but they can not have on 100 million dollars even the asset of a few dollars, elaborate also preparation receives couplet branch outside these " big client " , for fear that is thoughtless.

They reach place to Hong Kong couplet everywhere look around, felt looks, listen to major to explain the introduction of personnel at the same time, at the same time agitato is looked at trade busily the hall and all sorts of dazzling real time stocks show equipment, ask ceaseless.

These child rich and powerful person, can not be Everyman, the super plute that they are Asian each country actually people next generation heir. On-the-spot visiting stock exchange is Hua Qi conduct financial transactions of generation of private bank following grooms a of summer camp significant activity, the purpose is the young rich and powerful people that lets these future people have more deep-felt experience to capital is run and investing. This demonstrates than slide show is being used on classroom and the picture is truer, also can arouse young rich and powerful people more people interest and enthusiasm, "It is very important that this activity understands investment and capital to run to them " , say of a private banker.

Award with fishing

To a lot of super plute, "Rich do not cross 3 generation " it is their most troublesome issue, how to let him work laboriously earn the millions upon millions penates that come, can long inheritance goes down, is familial career healthy also?

In fact, similar " black sheep fund " this kind of financial arrangement has been in domestic household company appear for some time. Report gives domestic household company to be opposite those who leave generation is anxious have quite the catholicity of degree. Be in early 1998, hold water 5 years to come to the Guangdong of downwind all the time downstream its worry about the 10 thousand president Lu Hunan with the group: In case occurrence enterprise manages not to be pooh-poohed, how does ability ensure the life quality of familial member is insusceptible? Then, its decide Lu Chu of a familial member share out bonus rises centrally end of the year form " familial fund " , undertake investing conduct financial transactions. Nacunhuiye will be referenced similar way, the team of investment conduct financial transactions that searchs major does this " black sheep fund " .
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