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80% base civilian tomorrow of distribution of choice bonus reinvest
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Update time: 2008-05-09 article origin: Internet author: Unspecified

Although the trend of long-term ox city will still continue, but the exalted concussion of market near future lets many investor feel confused however. On one hand, the on the high side of standard of integral appraise value of the market already was the fact that does not dispute. On the other hand, macroscopical economy and appear on the market company outstanding achievement is added fast still driving. In interviewing, market personage thinks generally, market future 1-2 the month adjusts the concussion that keeps certain range possibly situation, the kinetic energy that continues to rise considerably is relatively lesser. Here setting falls, on near future market many fund announces share out bonus, according to the data presentation of Wind information count, 80% base civilian choose " bonus reinvest " distribution tomorrow.

21 days, the value when rich increases two date fund to announce high specified number shares out bonus, so far, the data that occupies Wind information count shows, since this year July two short in lunar time, share the value when including gain to increase two date fund inside about 100 fund release share out bonus premonitory or announcement.

Personage of conduct financial transactions thinks, in upsurge of fund share out bonus, the investment that can use fund share out bonus to be individual later period makes good program, share out bonus through high specified number namely, fund locks up help holder in time calm accrual. Discretion of the city after be opposite or risk bear the investor with relatively inferior ability, choice cash share out bonus can be pocket of early days accrual how. Bear to partial venture capability is higher, for the holder that the city after be opposite is valued for a long time or invests for a long time, can choose the way of bonus reinvest, the outstanding achievement that shares place of prices of long-term ox city to bring grows.

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