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Invest fund little common sense
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Do not regard the discretion of net value as the conclusive argument that buys fund

A lot of people think fund net value is high, pays cost is high, bought share number is little, not be to one's profit, think net value is high even, the space that rises later is little. This kind of viewpoint is very wrong, wrong source is probable it is everybody still regards fund as stock. Treat a stock without giving thought to first this kind of thinking is right incorrect, but using is absolutely mistake above fund. Actually you explain buy fund, paid cost is the cost rate of fund, include: Explain buy redemptive cost, administration fee, mandatory cost to wait, the price that buys fund is not your cost. And the outstanding achievement of fund future follows current net value and did not contact necessarily (but the outstanding achievement that follows the past possibly is relative) , so we do not have reason completely mere because net value is too high not explain buy and go buying so called " the price is low cheaper " fund. Without giving thought to net value discretion, the most important is buys fund should have investment value. Say relatively, below similar requirement, net value can combat the actual strength that reflects a fund high on certain level instead, cast especially grind the research of the group and asset run a level, because net value is high,accordingly we do not have reason and reject certain fund.

It is good to do not think fund share out bonus is much, share out bonus is little with respect to bad

Investor pays close attention to itself of share out bonus to do not have a fault, but if share out bonus more or less to regard as the mark standard that evaluates fund actor bad is very unscientific. Fund share out bonus is to be on the base that gains outstanding achievement, to the means of a kind of processing of accrual, it is the subjective behavior of a kind of fund. Of course this kind of behavior must want to satisfy relevant fund code, want to agree with the recruit manual of fund at the same time. But anyway, the how much with fund itself outstanding achievement that fund shares out bonus does not have inevitable connection, with so called fund " stand or fall " it is a be totally unrelated more. If investor pays close attention to share out bonus really, can choose to run standard, outstanding achievement to stabilize the fund that pays attention to share out bonus relatively again at the same time.

The fund that does not think return rate is high is certain very
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