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Against a rainy day long-term program
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My domestic current situation is such: Do not marry, it is 30 years old, the wife is 29 years old, daughter 1 year old half. Below normal circumstance, average income of cash of every months of family is controlled in 3500 yuan. Every months of fixed charge is: The building borrows money every months 800 yuan (accumulation fund can be touched buckle 750 yuan, need every months actually only again defray 50 yuan of) , month all daily expenses 1150 yuan (include the gas of coal water and electricity, traffic, phone, property, ) such as heating, offer foster parent every months 400 yuan, child defray every months 250 yuan, expenses of commercial insurance month 650 yuan, namely: 3500-50-1150-400-250-650=1000 yuan.

Former domestic surplus just is put in the bank, but because bank interest rate is negative interest rate all the time, of stock market of together with China and fund industry improve ceaselessly, through 2007 adjustment of a year, current asset condition (add up to 80 thousand yuan) adjust as follows:

Stock fund A, 20 thousand yuan, back end pays cost mode, falling without big defray case, predicting hold 10 years of above, for the child preparative junior high school teachs gold.

Index fund B, 5000 yuan, long term investment.

Balance fund C, 20 thousand yuan, for the child preparative elementary school teachs gold.

Bond fund D, 15 thousand yuan, the choice is hit new model, c kind, without explain, atone for poundage, main purpose is to be appreciation to keep a cost, exceed index of CPI of the corresponding period can, wait in order to reserve at increasing expenses of domestic fixed assets, travel, preschool education expenditure.

Money fund E, 10 thousand yuan, deal with daily expenses.

Bank 1 year period time deposit 10 thousand yuan.

Regard labour firewood as the family, income is not high, capital safety is the most important, accordingly, in be on guard adequately risk while, how to make appreciation of asset utmost ground is my main goal 2008. My plan is such:

Stock fund A holds original amount changeless, continue hold.

On the amount of B of existing index fund, every months of defray has this fund 200 yuan join business surely, predict to cast 30 years surely, regard future as the complement of pension with this.

According to level of current income and expenses, after deducting 200 yuan to be cast surely, every months of usable income is in 800 yuan of less than. Consider 2008 is an Olympic Games year, our country stock market should be stabler, accordingly, the plan presses every first half of the year mean monthly 400 yuan increase balance fund C, 300 yuan increase bond fund D, 100 yuan increase the scale of money fund E to undertake operational; Second half of the year plans this 800 yuan, by every months 200 yuan increase balance fund C, 450 yuan increase 150 yuan of bond fund D, proportion that increase money fund E to run.
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