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Eat intertropical fruit in the light of the constitution
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More and more intertropical fruits enter the life of common people, we are in big full the luck to eat sth delicious when, perhaps forget consider, what intertropical fruit suits him, which have do not suit again.

The constitution slants cold person, average performance is temperature on the low side, be afraid of cold, feel abdomen sends cool, diarrhoea easily, digestive function is weaker, bilge easily gas, appetite is bad to wait a moment. This kind of crowd suits edible Durian, Gong Maodan, coco, Chinese flowering quince these 4 kinds of property slant lukewarm, slant hot intertropical fruit. Among them, durian suffers the female edible that dysmenorrhoea perplexes at suiting particularly aptly especially, can alleviate classics is painful, warm body; In the meantime, durian fruit juice is sticky stiff, easy block pharynx and larynx, tracheal and cause asphyxial, the old person must eat less, eat slow; Additionally edible Durian had better not drink inside 9 hours. Coconut milk besmears the hair can make a hair more pitch-black, and papaya can easy anything resembling a tendon or vein is strong bone, painful to leg of neck shoulder waist the effect that has fair auxiliary treatment.

And the constitution slants hot person, general and easy get angry, ulcer of constipation of constant regular meeting, oral cavity, mouth does glossal dry to wait. This kind of crowd is appropriate fruit of edible hill bamboo, firedrake, mango these a few kinds of property slant the intertropical fruit of cool or smooth sex. Among them, mango still has stop the effect of vomit, often carsick, seasick person, it is certain to eat mango to have stop say action, additionally pregnant woman is made frowsty nauseating when, also can eat mango meat or take food with mango decoct water; Those who need ambitious shift is, mango juice can cause dermatitis to the person of allergic constitution, the person that has allergic constitution should be written down closely avoid to take food; Additional, after full meal cannot edible mango, can not wait for acrimony material with garlic collective edible. You Yi of Shan Zhu criterion the person after body is weak, ill, with eating 3 everyday advisable, additional if take Durian suffer from excessive internal heat, eat on a few Shan Zhu to be able to alleviate.

Above these property slant tepid fruit, let person get angry easily, the person that so body is heated up should notice to eat less, same, these property slant cool fruit, cause diarrhoea easily, body is cold person also should eat less.

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