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Salmon prevents senile eye disease
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The United States " daily and healthy news " will report on August 13, " magazine of American clinical dietetics " discovery of a when published European researcher to finish newest research, often eat the fat fish such as salmon to conduce to prevent oozy model age dependency yellow spot degrades (AMD) the eyesight that brings about ebbs, this disease is old people of 65 years old of above the commonnest kind in disease of the eye that send blind.

Researcher discovery, the DHA that absorbs from inside salmon everyday and EPA (20 carbon 5 Xi are acerbity) 300 milligram above, can make AMD danger is reduced 70% .

The Astrid Fulaiche of sanitation of London of new research compere and intertropical college of medicine expresses, this considers to make clear first, in European crowd, fish eating fertilizer can prevent AMD eye disease. She points out, eat salmon twice every week (every time 85 grams) , OK and contented " everyday 500 milligram DHA and EPA " the demand that shield an eye.

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