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Yangtao can alleviate chronic constipation
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Publish at recently " disease of world stomach bowel learns a magazine " a research that go up makes clear, be in successive after 4 weeks eat yangtao everyday, the disease of chronic constipation patient of 54 % alleviates apparently, speed of alvine path peristalsis is accelerated, cathartic is taken also decrease accordingly.

The Chen Anan of associate professor of college of medicine of Hong Kong university that directs this research introduces, the object age interpose that studies this comes 65 years old at 36 years old between, experimental by a definite date 6 weeks. Consider to discover, of edible yangtao get number of defecate of the person that try from average and weekly 2. 2 times improvement arrives 4. 4.

According to introducing, cathartic of too insalubrious dietary structure and habit, great spirit pressure, abuse cause constipation likely. In our country rate of chronic constipation sicken arrives for 4 % 6 % , female over male.

Chen Anan says, increase prandial fibrous to absorb, eat the food that contains crude fibre more, wait like food crops food grains other than wheat and rice, vegetable and fruit, path of can exciting bowel wriggles, stimulative defecate. Yangtao contains rich prandial fiber, yangtao of every 100 gram is contained 3. 4 gram is prandial fiber, and constipation of a lot of people is constant the banana of edible, every 100 gram contains 1 . 6 gram is prandial fiber.

Yangtao the name is bizarre if really, it contains a lot ofcellulose, vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin E to wait not only, still contain part of nutrition of the very scarce folic acid in other fruit, carotene.

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