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Summertime draft fruit is too much get 3 kinds of disease easily
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Weather is torrid, the citizen likes to eat various fruits most, some people even to reduce weight, still eat the fruit when the meal. Yesterday, reporter from this city each large hospital understanding arrives, because do not know his constitution and fruity property,the patient that a lot of coming round that see a doctor is, eat a fruit undeserved, cannot reduce weight not only, still suffer from actually on " the fruit is ill " .

Remind: Summer is the busy season that all sorts of fruits appear on the market, not only the amount is large, and breed is much, but, delicious also need abstemious.

Constitution of deficiency of yin with irritability suffers from easily " Durian is ill "

 Countermeasure: Understand oneself constitution above all

Ms. Chen is Durian is super " vermicelli made from bean starch " . See glistening Durian in the supermarket every time, cannot help carrying 9 to come home. Before before long, because eat Durian continuously too much, ms. Chen begins to feel guttural insomnia of aching, be agitated, inappetence. After be being checked to the hospital, the doctor says, although Durian is nourishing fruit king, but impersonal person is fit, especially the person of constitution of deficiency of yin with irritability cannot eat more.

Reporter discovery, many people to reduce weight, season closes to reject meal in fruit flourishing, come with the fruit allay one's hunger, return of one mind to want to achieve the result of thin body, hairdressing.

Because do not divide fruit cool sex, hot sex, covet is delicious, the result is just the opposite to what one wished. Recently, because of gluttonous litchi get angry, bring about even have a fever, the patient with oral cavity ulcer, constipation, painful tine is very much also see, still have what the family comes on 3 times at the same time.

In addition, many parents think watermelon is summer solves the beautiful of heat to taste, had tasted not only, the child prefers. But their little imagine, watermelon itself is Yi Xie's fruit, freezing watermelon stimulates children intestines and stomach more easily, a bit carelessly wholesome, the likelihood brings about acute diarrhoea.

Drink weak brine to avoid " litchi is ill "

  Countermeasure: Distinguish sex of fruit chills and fever

According to introducing, every arrive the summer, because eat a fruit not current and the person that comes to a hospital to see a doctor is not little.

Dong Yaorong of director of internal medicine of hospital of city traditional Chinese medical science is analysed, "The fruit is ill " basically be do not know fruity property because of the citizen and take food blindly, and a large number of one-time taking food cause. Especially now is litchi appear on the market seasonal, share of litchi itself candy is very high, children does not suit to eat more, not only easy and fat, return easy constipation.
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