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Science shuns Chinese traditional medicine with medicine noxiousness
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Management department of sanitation of our country medicine ever was made for many times or edit " use bane, restricted theatrical work about medical treatment bane management sets " , officinal the name or description of a commodity is single in listing noxiousness Chinese traditional medicine is reached, " pharmacopoeia of People's Republic of China " 1977 edition to edition is right 2005 poisonous Chinese traditional medicine undertook tagging. But to Chinese traditional medicine the relevant knowledge of noxiousness, open Chinese traditional medicine not less prescription person not very clear. To the negligence of poisonous side-effect of Chinese traditional medicine, bring about formed Chinese traditional medicine socially the understanding error of avirulent side-effect, the example with toxic Chinese traditional medicine is gradual.

The birthwort acerbity incident that appeared 2003, make a few Chinese traditional medicine of our country, medium officinal be prohibited by Euramerican state institute. In October 1998 up to now, sino-Japanese and friendly hospital has received Ministry of Public Health treat patient of acerbity nephrosis of nearly 70 birthwort, 302 hospitals also stop the liberation army in succession administer many Chinese traditional medicine patient of medicaments sex hepatitis. It is however before birthwort acerbity incident, division of many doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to " akebi 10 grams cause profess to convinced likely namely toxic " not witting.

In fact, because personnel of major traditional Chinese medical science does not have systematic study since period of time,cross the poisonous a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of Chinese traditional medicine, consequently prescription uses drug general not quite the noxiousness effect that considers Chinese traditional medicine, also do not know what to open Chinese traditional medicine what medicaments has expression of noxiousness action, noxiousness what to have in home remedy, compound. Accordingly, chinese traditional medicine gains ground in division of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and ordinary people noxiousness knowledge is to raise science to be made the same score with liquid medicine currently,

Accomplish pair of Chinese traditional medicine noxiousness know fairly well

Want to enhance the security of application of Chinese traditional medicine, the division of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine that must accomplish the manufacturer home, patient that buys drug oneself and prescribe is right the noxiousness know fairly well of Chinese traditional medicine. Researcher already was opposite at present the pharmacodynamics of a variety of common 100 Chinese herbal medicine, poisonous manage undertook the abecedarian studies, but this is insufficient still, still far lag what at Chinese traditional medicine the market and Chinese traditional medicine use a space is patulous. A variety of clinical and common 3000 Chinese herbal medicine are at present medium, the pharmacodynamics of 90% above, poisonous manage had be notted make clear. Medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine should live and develop, must strengthen research, make clear Chinese traditional medicine, especially the poisonous side-effect of commonly used Chinese traditional medicine. Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine hold the relevant content that poisonous side effect of Chinese traditional medicine also should add in exam of doctor of course of study, be necessary even sheet takes an examination of poison of a Chinese traditional medicine to manage, such each hold doctor of course of study just can accomplish know fairly well to the noxiousness action of Chinese traditional medicine.
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