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5 minutes add nutrition to 3 eat
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A lot of people feel, eat 3 food on time, calculate nutrition to amount to mark, but actually, you were finished only 60% . According to the United States " network M.d. " the website will report on May 6, dietetics best seller " food is tie-in " Dr. Yilaien Maiqi points out the author, actually, people wants a flower 5 minutes to make little ditty rectify to the food on table only, can obtain that additional nutrition of 40% .

Breakfast: Increase a point to congee " makings " . Milk, brown sugar, almond, strawberry, yoghurt can be added in congee. Vitamin of B a group of things with common features is contained a lot oforiginally in congee, can help human body change protein and candy into energy. Add bit of milk, can make protein complementary; joins strawberry or other fruit, conduce to human body absorbing almond of more calcic qualitative; to contain a lot ofvitamin E, can become the healthy and adipose main source in breakfast.

Lunch: No matter what your staple food is, search in dish as far as possible below form of 4 appearance alimental -- chicken, spinach, tomato and garlic. Staple food is matching spinach to eat, can make human body is absorbed easily contain a lot ofvitamin A and vitamin K. Tomato, chicken and the B that spinach contains a group of things with common features the vitamin just is like a pair 3 drive carriage, can help production red blood cell, prevent heart disease. And the effect that garlic has precautionary contagion.

Dinner: A lot of people pay close attention to dinner to eat less only, but little should be an amount, not be phyletic absolutely, can search 4, 5 kinds of vegetable mix salad, reoccupy legume, potato, fungus, flesh kind stew a dish, bit of beans also is added in staple food. E.g. , whole wheat noodle and legume collocation edible, the Italy that is a kind of tradition matchs eat combination, than onefold eat noodle to be able to absorb more plant fiber, protein, iron and calcium.

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